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Yesterday while talking to a friend of mine, she invited me on a girls night out. Naturally being me, I immediately started looking for a way out of going. See, ever since I expanded my family, I have grown to be a loner (and enjoy it). I really have no time to hang with the girls between family, work, recitals, carpool, and of course, blogging. So every minute of free time, I enjoy spending it with my family or trying to invest in me time. But while I really don't miss having a super fab social life, I do feel like I've lost one thing, my inner sexy!

So back to the story....I asked her where and she replied, "Polelateaz, it's sensual dance lessons". My immediate thought was what is that? Then she pulled up their website and I was immediately drawn in because this is something I've really missed, my inner sensuality. Sometimes, if you let it, parenting and day to day life will suck that right out of you. Out goes the sexy and in comes the frumpy. I never thought I would be caught dead in old, oversize cotton PJ's...but that has become my staple lounge wear. And ever since watching the S-factor on Oprah, I have secretly wanted to take a class or two-but never mustered up the guts to actually do it...Until now.

I agreed to go to the Girl's Night Out and actually I am truly excited. One because I am taking time to fit in a little social time outside of my comfort zone and two because I am working on unleashing that inner sexy that I have locked up inside. Not to mention, I am sure my husband will enjoy all of the tips I learn in the class. Couldn't get any better than that! I will let you know about my experience.

Have any of you been to one of these classes? What was your experience?

For more information, visit Polelateaz.com
6 Responses:

I would go because it looks like fun and to get out of the house. I'm a new mom as well but I've still managed to have a little time to find my inner sexy, with buying cute little nightgowns to wear to bed *also sexy sophiscated shirts when I go out* :-)

OMG! I was so planning on dropping a note about Polelateaz! I've been to their teaser class and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fun. It was sexy. And it was most definitely a workout. I do plan on enrolling in a course once my schedule calms down. I have a married friend of mine who is on her level 3 class. She recently gave her hubby a pole dance (Yes, she bought one!) for their 10 yr anniversary and from what she told me he most definitely appreciated it. I think it's wonderful! I would definitely recommend every lady to check it out!

I've been to a place like that, and it was the best!! After going, I ended up signing up for classes, and not only was it fun, but it also helped me to tone up various areas of my body (arms, inner thighs, back).

My instructor also incorporated other forms of dancing, such as belly dancing to help tone up the stomach. After completion of the class, I lost a total of 15 lbs.

I have been to one of these places. I took a lap dance and pole dancing class. It was really fun, definitely a workout. All your muscles are working when you are climbing on that pole. I felt so sexy. When I buy a house, I must get a pole installed. You are going to have a great time :)

I've taken a pole dancing class a couple of times and it's soo much fun! And hands-down the best workout ever!

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