Afro Inspired Art

"everyone loves an afro" $15

Oh, these are so hot, I had to share. I got a heads up from Gettogetha, my favorite design blog- about a post they featured on Afro Inspired prints. The site is hot, so if you haven't visited, please check it out. I picked out a few of my favorite and seriously thinking about buying one to put on display in my home, but I can see my husband giving me the side eye. View more art here. What do think about these prints?
6 Responses:

I think they are hot, especially the first one. I may have to order that one.

I love them and I might buy one for my new apartment! :)

I want the first one. but I'm cheap!

When I get my own place I'll have all sorts of African and Afrocentric stuff like this in my joint.

I love em all, off to check out the rest of them. Thanks for the link.

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