America's Next Top Model Season 13 Contestants (Natural and Curly)

Animat, 21 A 6'1 beauty hailing from Union, NJ. I love the big, big curly fro.

Sandra is a 19 year-old student from Rockville, Maryland. The edgy natural look is hot on her.

18 year-old Tahlia has a wholesome curly look that I love. View the other contestants here.
6 Responses:

Although they look nice, I won't be watching ANTM...I'm so over the show and have been after the season with Bre.

I used to love ANTM, but I just try to watch shows when i can, but i am' feeling Animat's outfit and I love her hair

Great :o) I hope they (the show) don't do anything to permanently change their hair.

I would bet my last dollar that they will change at least two of them...they always do

I wish that I could say that there hair will stay the same(natural) after they go through the new hair style portion on ANTM but I don't think it will. ANTM loves to put long straight/wavy hair on the african american models maybe this time will be different. I hope so, I really hope so.

I'm pretty excited to watch this season of ANTM. I missed the entire last season. Hopefully they won't change the natural girls too much.

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