Chrisette Michelle's Epiphany

This song is hot! I've replayed it 4 times in a row.
10 Responses:

Yes, it is definitely hot. I can listen to this song all day.

I absolutely love this song. It is a testament to where many women are in their lives with men and other issues. Thanks for sharing this vid!!

Wow... Thank you for introducing me to something new. I'm hooked - That song is right on time! LOL. God bless.

LOVES IT! I wasn't crazy about he rlast album, but this hot! thanks!

loved this song from the first time i heard it on radio. and her new look is really growing on me. she looks gorgeous.

OMG! I kept hearing this song on the radio and had NO CLUE who it was! Thanks for posting!

Ohh this is the JAM! I love the New Chrisette Michelle!

And look at lil' Jimmy! He's all grown up now, no more Nickelodeon!

I don't think it does her voice justice. I have her first album and her voice is gorgeous. This song could have been song by anyone. Her voice is so smooth and unique, I would have liked to have seen it showcased better.

song is good. her hair cut is off the chain! half the video features her profile. i would love to see a curly version of this tailored mohawk.

LOVING this song and this video is nice and look at DRAKE! LOVE HIM!

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