Curly Girls Rock Edition: Shingai of The Noisettes

Shingai Shoniwa is the front woman of the London Indie Group the Noisettes. Her fashion sense and hair is simply awesome. She reminds me of a rocked out Janelle Monae.

Picture by Owen Fegan

9 Responses:

They are a cool band and I like her alot!

i absolutely LOVE the noisettes!! shanghai was the reason i started listening to them :)

never hear them before but cool music....

Her hair has a funky twist to it I like it

1st time im hearing of this group, her hair is hot.!!

This song sounds so good! I like how she sings.

I likes! good groove

That was great. I am going to buy the albums. Like the hair too.

first time i hearing about them. gotta check out this group some more though. and of course, love the hair.

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