Do We Love It? Andre 3000's Do

Rubbing my hands across my psychic globe, can see him I see a curly fro in the near future. lol
8 Responses:

3 stacks can do no wrong in my book. Loves it!

I like it. It matches his oh so handsome face.

I love it! It's refreshing to see him doing him and not trying to follow the crowd! Go Dre with your cute self!

For me, Andre can do no wrong! I love that he is such an creative innovator!

Definitely rocks!

Individuality is sexy! And that, he has...

I like 3000 as well, but this looks a little conked to me. I just hope he treats his hair better than he did the last time....

I actually like it. Loves me some Andre anyway. :D

That man could dye his hair purple and I would love it. He's Benjamin Andre!

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