Do We Love It? Christina's Golden Locks...

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Two Thumbs Down!

Please tell me this is not Christina Milan!!


Yes, it is Christina Milian. Sorry!

:o[ <--- See that? That's my extremely sad face.


Lil' Kim dun and got to her. *shakes head*

FAIL. and horribly. She looks like a washed up porn star. Who advised her of this decision? Fire them. Now. This drains every ounce of her exotic look. Sucha waste of a pretty face and natural dark tresses.

Why Christina...Why???
She will go back to black. This is not healthy.

Ummm?!? Christina is that you?

Goldie locs isn't a good look for her...she went from classy to trashy.

Why is everyone going blonde? She should've stayed with black hair.

I was trying to visualize if she didnt have as mcuh make up on...but it aint working, maybe if she went a shade or two darker, like a strawberry blond, instead of a porn star blond.

le sigh. this is horrible. looks to me like seeing kanye's new girl got to her head or something.

dang!!! no. no. no.

WTF? Who is her stylist? They need to be fired!

I mean its a different move for her but I prefer the dark hair on her..but who am I?

No way! I detest this look on her.


Personally I like the color but on hair not much if it was a little darker then it would look hot lol

xoxo HuneySays

Rainbow City Sweetie

Oh... No.

Naw baby

All wrong

Não é bom :-(
And are those platinum tracks underneath her real hair? So not cool.

nahhh, mann. her hair was so cute b4

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