Do We Love It? Kelis' Colors

Kelis' at a b-day party she co-hosted with hubby Nas in LA. I love Kelis but...Also at the party, Ms. Ross showed her fabulousness

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OMG Kelis why that is not CUTE Tracee Ellis Ross look Fabulous!!!!

The blue hair, no. The mini dress, no. The lace tights, hell no. I am really mad Kelis for this get up right here.

Love TER's hair!

I love Kelis no matter what her hair or getup is. I like the fact that she's so "against the grain" and does "her thing" rather than the expected.

The streak actually works for me! I think it's funky (in a good way).

I miss her big hair ringlets from back in the day.

NO!!!! Kelis ever since you married that man Nas your fabuloisty level has gone down. What's up with that?

i am really on the fence about her entire get up. but i kinda like the streak. it's got a funky feel to it for real.

they say when the baby u expect is a girl,she takes the beauty of her mother.
is she expectin a girl?

I think its Hot! Fabulous!

ummmmmmmm.....I just dont know. Kelis is kelis and she always does something thats out there. I really dont get the blond and the blue with mostly black hair, maybe she was bored. But I didnt know she was expecting....awe.

I truly miss Kelis's curls and I'm also feeling bitter about blue streaked hair!

I adore Kelis. But that isn't cute. And Tracee looks fab as usual.

i remember when kelis came out with her pink/blonde hair! o how i loved it! i think the blue would be cuter if her face didnt look like she has lived 20 yrs in the last 5

Hi Guys...shes having a boy with Nas...he will be sooooooo adorable.. surprised people dont expect this from kelis. i think she looks great for a pregnant woman out at night at a party. i know i would be too pooped and looking a hot mess lol

but...why is everyone overlooking that pink sparkly ring on fonzworth's pinky finger? he's looking like he needs a heeeeey and a SNAP! lmao

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