Do We Love It? Norwood Young's Curly Fro

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OMG! I'm sorry because I know this doesn't pertain to your question, but... did he get a piece added to his nose? I really think he's got a prosthetic on, because his nose used to look real pinched and fake (think Michael and Latoya Jackson). At any rate, I will say he looks a lot better here than I've seen him looking in the past!

Anyway, to answer your question, I don't think I care for his Curly Fro. It looks a little too thin to me.

I dont looks a lil dry.

I don't understand this man at all! I don't even get the whole look! just odd!

Er the fro is okay... but his eyebrows are nicer than mine... :(

why are his cheek bones so far away from his eyes? not normal.

Maybe if his eyebrows didn't scream 'HEY!" so loudly. I personally feel he would look better with shorter hair since his brows already draw your eye up up & away. lol EEEECCCKKK!!!

I don't know how I feel about it.... But I do know that I gave your blog an award! b/c I think you blog is fabulous. :0)

He is just WRONG on so many levels and no I aint feeling that

The style is a complete hot mess. Brother please! He's manipulated his hair so much that it no longer curls! Ugh!

It's not overly disgusting, but the Pringles Man facial hair is definitely not it...just sayin'.

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