Do We Love It? Rhianna's Curly Hawk

Rhianna is out again and in full "promo" effect rocking a curly hawk -ish hair do. What do you think?
17 Responses:

Absolutely, this is how i rocked that cut last summer so im biased. She has lost a bit of weight though also.

the curly is cute. Nothing remarkable but cute nonetheless. Like Jen said, I'm more concerned about her weight loss. She's rather thin. I hope she's healing from the Chris Brown madness and it's not affecting her health cause that would be another reason to ditch the fool.

I always love everything Rhianna does with her hair. And no I'm not a raging Rhianna fan. Hell, I'm not a Rhianna fan at all. But her hair is always on point for me. Always!

i love her hair it looks more natural here. She is still on point.

i love her hair it looks more natural here. She is still on point.

Love her hair and her outfit.

I love it! It's looks nice on her.

I love it. She has a sew in in the front of her hair. It's a looser curl sew in.use aloe vera gel to slick back the hair on the sides. Pin the sides if the gel will not hold. Apply gloss to the air and keep a spritz bottle just in case it starts to look too dry! lol! I did this look last year on vaction. You can wash it, getl it, pin it, and go!

eh... i dunno, it looks a little prince circa 1987 to me personally, but she stays fierce all day everyday, so i can't even hate.

it's good to see her out and about though, i hope all is well (or at least better) with her.

im glad shes okay and ready to rock new dos.
this is really cute. i love it.

I love her curly hawk!! She is always on point with the hair do's! Aside from that has anyone peeped that SICK JACKET!!! Woweeeeeee!

it looks nice on her. like she's allowing her natural curl pattern to come out more. so yep, love it.

Although im on strike against her and Ike jr. i'm, gonna have to admit to adoring her hair. Its very cute.

Rhianna kind of does no wrong when it comes to hair and tattoos IMO so I'm going to have to go with a yes on this one :)

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