Janet Still Rocking The Curlz: Do We Love It?

[Source: Splash News]
6 Responses:

Love the curls, but not the look. Dang Janet, why you go frumpy on us when you decide to rep for the curly girls? I'm dissapointed.

gotta agree with anonymous. hair = yes (for the bit we can see). outfit = no.

maybe she's on her way to workout...? maybe her house is cold...?

Hmmm...Janet is throwin me for a loop here. I do like her hair when she wears it curly but the stressed college girl dont give a f*ck look on a 40 sumthin yr old woman (especially Janet Jackson) is not the bizness.

I truly love that she has curlz but hate the she only sports them when she's "grunging" it. urbanculz is an everyday, dress up, dress down affair. Go Janet....now do something with yourself.

WoW I'm going to have to agree with everyone else - from now on I'm going to have to check my weekend/loungewear so I can correctly represent :o)

Janet is paid so I could care less (and I bet she could too).


...do you Janet...

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