Do We Love It?

Photos from Beyonce's concert video for her upcoming world tour in Tribeca. View more over at Crunk and Disorderly.
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I think Bey looks her best when her hair is like this...not too sure about her get up though.

Her hair is cute, but I like it curly better - the dress looks okay from the waist up :o)

The dress is a no no. Looks like Tacky Tina (bey's mom)is styling her again.

That dress is hideous. It might just be the most unflattering thing I've ever seen on those hips (and I say this as someone who has a similar build and loves to wear clothes that flatter, not hide, my hips). Her hair is cute, but like Laquita I prefer curly hair.

I'm still stuck on her hair from the Ebony shoot. So fly.

I agree with Nicole about the hair and Moni about the dress! That is the worst dress ever!

i think it's a gorgeous dress, just not the most flattering one on her. however, her make up game is extra fierce!!

but... what exactly is she putting up a fist for? and why do i feel like "diva" was being played in the back when that part was being shot? le sigh. whenever bey tries to incorporate political stuff into her work (remember "i can do for you what martin did for the people" from upgrade you?) i always wince a little.

Not feeling the look on her. Its a respectable attempt to a runway couture look but works better on a model than on Beyonce. If she were a few inches taller she would look a lot less stumpy. And this is comin from a curvy curlie..

that dress does not complement her curves at all. not feeling it.

Hair -- Fly
Makeup -- Fierce
Dress -- Hot Mess

P.S. Looks like it hurt dude's eyes so much he had to cover him or was he getting an eyeful and had to look away. (second pic behind beyonce)

The concept is not the problem, its the execution. Where is the stylist from the Ebony shoot? Fire the rest, keep the best.

I agree with Puff. I wince a little as well. Her political stuff seems so forced and fake especially because she's a planned out radical. like everything she does is so strategic. I'm waitin for the say she sports a short 'do with her natural hair color.

I like her hair... her dress gives her a wierd hip shape that I'm not feeling. She's beautiful regardless but with all her options, that dress could have been easily switched out for a better looking one...

She's pretty, dress is nasty. On a different note, she's incredibly over-rated. I don't get why she's so big. I like substance in my music - India Arie, Ayo, anyone who's singing about something important.

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