Do We Love It?


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She's so pretty. Just radiant!

I would like to see her with a different style once in a while. but she looks lovely as always.

I love her hair I love the moto jacket, i love leggings and I love thigh high boots. I just dont like the collar shirt under the moto jacket, but who cares, i love her.

Honestly I would love to see her rocking a new do

Hmmmmm no :/ she is beautiful, there should of been a better option!

I think she looks kool. I miss the old Janelle sometimes in regards to her hair and clothes. but she is still kool regardless.

not really. love me some j monae but i want her to switch it up a bit. and the outfit's too plain looking for her here.

I have nothing bad to say about JM. I love her hair, clothes and style; so unique.

Her hair looks super-fly when she rocks it out and it's like unless you go searching for those pics you never see them. When I look at pictures of her I wonder about her personality. She seems like one of those people that wouldn't leave you with a dull moment.

HMmMm I say it's "ok" she does need to break out of the bix though and rock new styles

Sorry guys, she needs to retire this look, she has a pretty face and many other options will look great on her..

i agree with almost everyone here. she needs to switch up this look.

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