Do You Like My Hair?

No, she really asks this on the video. I ran across this VLOG of Christina Milian and couldn't help but release a huge sigh...I don't know, I am guessing the hair, the red lips, is all promotion. Let's just hope so.

Usher and friends also weighed in on the top of her hair. Personally, I gave them the side eye, because something in me is screaming Hypocrites, but whatever.

[Source: Necole Bitchie]

6 Responses: are all of their wives/ladies perfect with out make up and weaves? I mean dont get me wrong I do NOT like this look for Christina however they cant talk but soo much...just saying

I noticed that men get called hypocrites (well 2 times I saw it used in a short span of time between posts) a lot on this blog and by other black women in general when they speak on the foolishly ugly stupid dumb stuff we do to ourselves trying to look cute. I don't get the problem even if the women in their videos, their wives, or women look the way the men are speaking against. Who knows if they have shared their sentiments with their women or those women around them?

I think that's kinda crazy. Is the word hypocrite really necessary.

To me it's not that serious, people can still speak on stuff even if they don't make the choices they promote. Like everyone says, everyone has an opinion but get mad when you share it. Black men are asked for input but put down when it doesn't come across as us black women would like it. It's a can't win for losing type thing to me.

And yes I am a black women with natural hair.

Hypocrisy (or the state of being a hypocrite) is the act of preaching a certain belief or way of life, but not, in fact, holding these same virtues oneself.

For example, a man or women...i.e. David Banner saying that women who relax their hair hate themselves. Usher and crew slamming Christina Milian's look but promoting this same look in their videos, ads, etc. That's all I am saying...

To an extent, we all are hypocrites. So don't get too caught up in my usage of this term against men, trust me women are hyprocites too...

All i've got to say is remember back when everyone was talking so bad about Usher's wife? remember he got all defensive?I think men should never dog a woman on her looks ever.A man should be entitled to have a type of women that he likes but should never dog any woman about her looks.It should not be acceptable for a man to say this woman is ugly or a hot mess.However I don't think its unacceptable for them to say a woman is or is not their type.

Her new album is called Elope? Is that another swipe at her ex, Nick Cannon and Mariah? That's the first thing that came to mind.

they are gossiping like women. usher needs not forget that his wife almost died from getting surgery and jd's woman is pretty done. and really, who is jhontae (sp?) austin lol cmon guys...

i also do not think this is a good look for her. but whatever floats her boat...i'm a PR student, soooo i understand why she did it...

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