Etana "Warrior Love"

My husband introduced me to this natural beauty Etana last week when he let me listen to her song, "Warrior". After listening to the first sentence, I was immediately drawn in by her voice because of its similarity to Jaguar Wright (who I adore) and not to mention, the song is pure hotness. The lyrics are so powerful...So I decided to do a search and even more to my surprise I found that she was a natural beauty. I knew I had to share with you ladies.

What do you think about Etana?
8 Responses:

Ooooh I love that song- I have it on my Ipod. She's cute, I like her style.

Thanks for posting - beautiful video and great song :o)

I love Etana! She came to my school's Girl's Day Concert twice. Unfortunately, I didn't go to the last one. I'm so glad that a jamaican is being recognised here.

Who wouldn't love this. It's grown folks, happy people music. Love it. Thanks for the introduction. Hadn't heard of her before.

I had to comment on the post about my fellow Jamaican. She's making up proud!

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I absolutely luv Etana!! I've been a fan of her for a few years now. She was underground for a bit before going mainstream yet her style has remained the same...calm, soulful yet powerful. Definitely an awsome artist!

yessss that song was divine thanks UC :)

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