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I was watching a segment on the news last night that talked about superfoods that boost your beauty. Most of us are familiar with the benefits of many of the foods on the list, but it still serves as a refresher each time I see information like this. Surprise, surprise, I was especially interested in the information on hair...and I was happy that I am on the right track with consuming and applying Olive Oil to my hair. I've never been big on Avacado, but knowing the benefits-maybe I will give it a try. Here's and excerpt from the article:


First on our shopping list for healthy skin --Flaxseed.

"It turns out that it's very high in omega-6 and omega-3
content. And that these omega linoleic acids are incorporated into the
skin architecture," says Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, a New York
dermatologist. "I have observed improvements in skin hair and nails when
patients consume foods that are high in flaxseed."

Dr. Alexiades-Armenakas says coffee will help to decrease
skin cancer rates and improve the quality of your skin because
of the amount of polythenals in the beans. And she
recommends eating lots of ish -- high in omega-3.


Everyone wants a beaming smile, so start with vitamin C.

"You want to get vitamin C from healthy foods, like non-acidic,
green, leafy vegetables and blueberries. Also red berries, like such
as strawberries and raspberries, are very high in vitamin C
content," says dentist Gerald Curatola.

Dr. Curatola also says to load up on high-fiber foods. Apples, almonds, celery and
carrots act like tiny toothbrushes, keeping your teeth clean and neutralizing acid.
And shiitake mushrooms contain a sugar that helps to stop plaque from forming.


For shiny, full hair, go for oils.

Celebrity hair stylist Paul Labrecque says avocado, olive oil and omega-3 oils
do the trick.

"What oils do is make sure that your hair that's growing out thicker as well
stabilized. That means you get the right amount of sebum coming from
your scalp," says Labrecque. "Sebum is an oil that our body produces,
and when we have a natural flow of sebum, we're going to keep our hair
looking healthier and thicker for a longer and greater period of time."

Labrecque also suggests eating sunflower seeds to maintain the color in
your hair.

Being beautiful doesn't have to break the bank. You just have to
swing by the grocery store and stock up on the right foods.

2 Responses:

Great post. I saw this segment as well and was thinking about incorporating flax seed oil into my pomades and shampoo bars :o)

Hey thanks for the advice. Did they say how to use the flaxseed ie, a sppon full or incorporate with a meal/ dish?
thanks again

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