Get Fab Curls At Any Stage

Stage 1: Teeny Weeny

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This is perhaps the most challenging stage for many transitioners, but it doesn't have to be. Experiment with finger coils or if your texture permits, slick it down for a chic look like Eva. During this stage, play up your features with a little bit of color or wear fabulous accessories like chunky necklaces or fly earrings.

Stage 2: Short & Sassy This is a tricky but fun stage because it's almost too long for finger coils, but too short for twistouts, right? A great solution is flexi-rod sets. This style lasts about 7-10 days. And is easy to do yourself, especially if you're a recessionista like myself. If your hair is long enough, try the braid-out using the flat braid method.

Stage 3: Almost there

Finally you've made it through the forest, but what now? This stage is the fun stage because you have more versatility to work with different styles. But for many, this can also be a stage of frustration because traveling out of the comfort zone of twistouts can be intimidating. However, at this stage the styling options are limitless.

Flexi-rods sets are also fun at this stage (actually, I am wearing one now). You can set the hair while wet to achieve a tight curly afro look. Or set it on dry hair for looser curls. The curly fro is also a very popular choice. Methods such as shingling or fingerstyling are effortless and show off the natural curl pattern.

So as you can see, it's easy to have fun at any stage of growth. The key is to take the time to experiment. Sure, sometimes it will turn out disastrous. Trust me I have had my fair share of H.A.M hair days. But, don't get discourage, keep trying until you find what works for you and your hair.

Have a fab hair day!

12 Responses:

Love this post! I'm sitting right in the number 2 stage. I keep telling myself I need to enjoy it while it lasts. LOL!

For me the TWA was the easiest stage: You just run some product thru and your done. The second stage is the best to do twists outs. I am just a little in the third stage and can't wait for a little more length to do some fun styles!!!

I'm french and I love your blog.The advices are great.Posts are interessing and instructive.Thank You!

Thanks for this post! I'm in stage two and twisting my hair right now!

This post is right on time! Love your blog by the way. I have been lurking a few blogs for a while but yours ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! I am between stages 2 and 3 and it is soooooo annoying. I have a very busy schedule and my twist outs are getting waaayy to big but I don't have enough hair to put in a decent looking bun. I also work in a very corporate and conservative environment. Thank you for reminding me that my journey is very worth it. And, if you have any extra tips for fast styling options for in-between hair, it would be much appreciated.

This was the post for me. Thanks....I needed that. I was, thinking of doing the evil deed and this was just what the hair doctor ordered. Thanks.

This post was perfect. Thank you so much! I was getting a little discouraged but now I'm back on track :)

OMGosh Thank You so much for this post! I was thinking just the other day about how impatient I was when I was in stage 1 and now I'm absolutely in LOVE with being in stage 2. It's so fun!

This post hit the spot for me today :) I'm in stage two and working through the "learning" of the different textures within :) I love it though! Quick question - I'm a 3b but I have found some random stray straight pieces lately. What's the difference between using the flexi-rods and using the perm-rod rollers?


I am almost there!!! I've been growing out for 16 months and when I stretch my hair out it's bra strap/arm pit length but looks about back-of-the-neck length with unstretched shrinkage.

that's a long way from this time last year when I was waiting for my curly fro to COME OUT... it was so far in the closet it was practically in Narnia.

I should have saw this post a long time ago, I think I am still in the TWA stage, i cant wait til I move to the next one.

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