Glamour Celebrating American Fashion Icons

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama has been blowing up the blogs with many opinions-left and right. What are your thoughts?

Paula Patton as Billie Holiday

“You can imagine that women at home hearing her songs on the radio felt her vocalizing their emotions and their struggles.”—Paula Patton, 33

Chanel Iman as Althea Gibson

“She showed women…you can be sweaty, be gorgeous and do a great job.”—Chanel Iman

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6 Responses:

I blogged on this too, yesterday. I LOVE the Paula as Billie pic. Not too crazy about Alicia as Michelle for some reason. And Chanel Iman is lovely.

Michelle Obama is our First Lady. No one should be used to portray her. She's not a singer, athlete or model. When have Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Regan been portrayed on the pages of fashion magazines?? Let's respect this first lady as much as all the others.

I kind of agree with Mel but Glamour could have easily got Angela Basset or Kelly Rowland (both take striking pictures and just happen to be the same complexion as the First Lady) and that's just off the top my head.

I don't have a problem with Michelle getting her props on being a fashionista. No other First Ladies have gotten the same treatment cuz they weren't as stylish (minus Jackie O). Simple as that. So that's not an issue. I'm just a little scared that's ALL the world will remember about this brilliant woman. And that would be an atrocity.

IDK about Alicia portraying a First Lady.... Other than that, I love the photos and concepts behind it! Great post!


I love the concept and those are all beautiful pictures of Chanel, Paula and AKeys BUT...Light & Bright = Acceptable?

I see there vision but these images, I don't agree! There are sooo many different and beautiful shades of black women that could have been used...
Even the Dog is creamy white!

Just my Thoughts!

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