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My friend convinced me to watch an episode of Harlem Heights last night. Have you ladies seen this show? Well, let's just say the most exciting part was when I saw Ally-pictured about with the blonde hair. Last night she was rocking a really cute updo. Why isn't she in the main cast?
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I don't understand the hype surrounding this show. I watched it last night for the first time and couldn't believe the stupidity.... Outside of the fashion, the show did nothing for me, lol...

I watched two minutes (maybe less) of the first episdoe. It was painful to watch. It was so scripted, not my idea of 'reality' tv.

I actually like the show despite its many mishaps--the show's narrator's voice, the obvious script..lol.. But Allie's hair is fierce!!!! I'm a TWA natural, but I'm praying my hair can mimic her glorious crown.

Two words to describe this show- oh please! It was horrible; I thought it was supposed to portray mature black college educated adults, who were about leading by example and helping black youth. All you see on this show is them gossiping, shopping & eatting and being up in the club. Give me a break- BET is going straight down the toliet!

Ok, I'm not a fan of BET, but I would have to say that I enjoyed the show. This might be due to me being biased since Spelmanites are behind the scenes and on the scene in this show...besides that, I found it to be entertaining without any "coonery" going on. Yes, there is gossip...yes there is "he said she said," but doesn't that go on in every day life? Does it seem to be scripted? Of course, but what "reality" show isn't, for reality shows are nothing more than shows with unpaid actors. Let's be glad that the women aren't competing for a low life man, the men don't sag their pants showing us their underwear, and there isn't any stereotypes (thus far).

It's not the best, but it beats the rest (thus far).

I was waiting for this show to air, and I thought to myself maybe, just maybe I can watch a decent show that I can relate to. But no, it falls in with the Hills, and the OC, and whatever that other show is on BET. But I watched it all the way til the girls started talking about pre-kanye, post-kanye crap. I got enough drama to be dealing with more drama. i wanted to be inspired by this show, since everyone was a older than the other reality shows, butinstead of being inspired I was more pissed that I wasted my time.

I thought the show was so scripted, which disappointed me. Do men really talk to their toddler daughters like that? "You make me want to be a better man" or whatever he said. She doesnt understand that or care as she was sooo focused on her cupcake. However, I was stanning Ally's hair too and plan to attempt that today. I need help tho, how does she get the side so straight and tight? hairpins, maybe? any suggestions?

This show is straight - crap. The above post about the narrator's voice? RIGHT ON. It makes it hard to watch. Why didn't they hire a professional? BET; cheap as usual.

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