Inspired By Janet... $18

1) Eugenia Kim "Gary Cap" $253
2) Juicy Couture Canvas Newsboy Hat $55
3) Diesel Ferenz Cap in Black $54
4) Ecote Crochet Canvas Ivy $34
5 Responses:

omg I love her style, her hair, and how much they are still in LOVE <3 so sweet lol

xoxo Huney

I also love her hair as well as the hat and frames ;o)

Hi, which website is the first hat found on? I went to all of the ones listed and I didn't see it. Thanks

I'm sorry y'all...I usually include the links, but I didn't think it made a difference...until my friend told me first thing this morning. I will do better. lol

If you're ballin on a budget, don't forget to stop by Target... they have a cute hat collection :)

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