Keri Hilson New Video "Make Love"

2 Responses:

Poor thang! she is trying so hard to break into the industry, this will be like her 4th or 5th video and the prublic still really isn't feeling her like that. They are playing that one song on the radio ately, but that's out of three songs she alred released. I respect the fact that she put so much hard work into her first solo album, but there is nothing orginial about her that makes her stand out from all the other ligh skinned singers we have out now. Her voice is common and her look is at times confusing. I hope she can someday find her own nitch, because this isn't it.

Whoa! Kanye West?! That was totally a pleasant surprise. :)

At the beginning of the track, I was feelin' the setup of how she came home and seein' hints of her man and then..........Kanye West! I totally didn't see him comin' and I love the track and video more because of it lol. Thank you for sharing...I really enjoyed the track and I probably never would of learned of this song any sooner. I don't listen to the radio I'm probably real behind. All in all, once I start living with my man, I'm gonna set up in the same way she did with him ;) Sweet idea!

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