Keyshia Cole


Keyshia Cole at NABOB’s 25th Anniversary Communications Awards Dinner

This is a cute look for Keyshia and can be easily duplicated with flexi rods, hair pins, and a few bobby pins. Roller set hair on large flexi-rods, unravel, secure hair at the top of the head sort of like creating a mohawk. Create pins curls if you have longer curls....and your done. I must try this!
4 Responses:

Love Keyshia. Im just sooo ecstatic she took that blonde and kool aid red weave outta her head. This is a cute look for her. Very grown woman but still modern.

You DEFINITELY must try this and post pics too :) waiting, waiting, waiting.

Did I tell you that I love my hair....really, really LOVE my hair. Thanks for all your support through the transition.

I think this new look that she's rocking is so much better and was much needed. Its classic and some-what edgy at the same time.

I really do love her voice. I like her ballads!

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