Photos O' The Day: Alicia Keys' Curls Make An Appearance

Alicia Keys joined the First Lady, Debra Lee others to speak at an DC area school for Women's Awareness Week. I love Alicia's hair when it's curly, but then again, she can't do no wrong in my eyes (when it comes to her hair and music, that is)
- Happy Friday-I'm a little lazy today, so instead of posting more, I am going to jump back in the bed for 20 more minutes. I will catch up this weekend
-I had to remove that Dwood's Do We Love it post, it was getting on my nerves, sorry!
5 Responses:

LOVE IT! I agree with u, i love curly Alicia or straight n silky, but really, u jus gotta adore the curls on her. I see her and First Lady are getting a lil buddy buddy. I wanna hang out too!

I am a BIG Alicia Keys what she is all about..I agree..I love her with her curls..wish she would wear it like this more often.

Curly hair rocks! i just wanna know how she keeps it so straight.

It was nice to see her hair in it's natural state! I was crazy about the outfit, it wasn't good for such an important event.

I love AKeys and I wish she would go back to the braids and curls more often. I LOVED her hair when she first came out. When she started straightening people said she had "evolved" and "grown up". Why do curls=young and straight=grown-up or sophisticated? I'm glad to see her in all of her natural glory!

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