Rhianna Emerges...

Wearing "my dream" boots! I promise I was just salivating looking at these boots the other day on Eluxury. I was thinking about posting them as a matter of fact because it's been a while since I profiled a hot pair of shoes. But after spotting Rhi Rhi in these boots, it's official-I want them. But I have to find the knock offs because $1154 is a little too steep to justify being where in a recession and all.

Maison Martin Margiela Cut-Out Knee-High Boot$1,154.00 Eluxury.com

Btw, I think Rhi Rhi's wet curly look is hot.
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I hope she is feeling better, those boots are crazy though.

You should check out the heel-less boots that victoria beckham wears!

She looks really nice, and those shoes are so hot, I'm sweating just looking at them :).

I need those shoes!!!

Are those the same shoes? Her shoes look flat.

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Yep, they are the same shoes except her leather appears shiny like patent.

Thought you might like these...

These boots are beyond sick! They are cancerous! LOVE THEM. FIERCE ON EVERY LEVEL

I am CoCo D. and that is all! :)

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