Our fellow Urbanista, Ebonee Monique needs our help. Her fiance, Marvin is one of the semi- finalist in the "Groom of the Year" promotion. I'm not sure if any of you remember Ebonee but she was profiled on UC's Road To Natural last year. She is the author of Suicide Diaries, a curly girl that rock and now a wife to be. So ladies, please support our fellow girl and vote by Sunday, March 29th before noon.

Here's what Ebone had to say...

"I'm sure you've received my emails about my fiancé, Marvin, being selected out of 1300 entries as a semi-finalist in's 'Groom of the Year' contest. Well, thanks to the help & support of my fellow brides and blogs, Marvin has made it to the 4th and FINAL round of voting. He's in the Top 2! Marvin is the LAST African-American in the race and we are extremely thankful for all the support! Voting for Round 4 goes thru Sunday (March 29th) @ Noon..

A lot of people ask why they should vote for Marvin and here’s what he had to say himself!

“Honestly, I’m no different than any other man. I work hard, I have everyday struggles and I happened to fall in love with a great girl who I can’t wait to start my life with. There’s nothing extraordinary about my story, but I think that’s what it that much more relatable. I am the everyday guy.”

And to piggy-back off of what he said, it thrills and energizes me to know that we are a reflection and a representative of the every day couple. We don’t have an extensive budget (in fact, we are the budget couple!) for our wedding and we are paying for our wedding completely on our own, but simply put, we are just a couple who were blessed with this opportunity and we are eternally grateful."

Awe! Doesn't this warm your heart. Ebonee, we at UC wish you and Marvin the best and we got your back, girl! CLICK HERE TO VOTE

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