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I was watching my nightly round of ABC Nightline last night as they were chronicling the first 100 Days of the Obama Administration. I saw this big natural hair commentator who was animated and very intellectual as she passionately talked about Michelle Obama. Who is this black snob, I asked? So I immediately did a search for her blog and was in for about an hour long treat as I read through her site. For those of you who do not know about this site, it's definitely worth a click.

The Black Snob is really not a snob, her name is Danielle C. Belton. She is an intellectual who's passion just happens to be politics...and she's representing for the natural chicks. Gotta love her! I do...Visit Black Snob.

Did any of you see Nightline last night? If not, watch Danielle on Nightline here.
6 Responses:

I love her site! And I have to admit the fact that she rocks her natural tresses sparked my interest in her site.

Danielle is that business. I've been following her blog for about a year now and she's super-smart AND hilarious. Being a natural is just the icing on the cake... :o)

I didn't see Nightline but The Black Snob is a fantastic blog. She is a great writer and I think she used to do editorials. She won the Black Weblogs award for best writing in a blog last year. I'm so glad for her that she is getting called for commentaries!

ooooh, i watched nightline last night and made a mental note to look up her site--unfortunately, i forgot. she def caught my attention too! on my way there now...

I love her blog and read it all of the time. She's so witty!!!!

I missed the Nightline ep but I am a fan of Danielle. I love her writing style. Props to her.

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