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I stopped using sugar a month ago so I had to find a new use for it. So one bored afternoon, while feeling adventurous I decided to mix some brown sugar with my EVOO. Then, I added a drop of Peppermint Oil and mixed it together in a bowl. lalala (singing and twirling around like a kid)...I had a $20 body sugar scrub-for less than a dollar.

I was in such disbelief that it was so easy to make. All those years of spending money on expensive exfoliates, I wanted to slap myself. But before I became too excited, I jumped in the shower to try it out. Oh, if you could feel the results... So I've been scrubbing since then and my skin loves me for it. (don't tell anyone) but I even have my husband washing his rough hands with the concoction and even though he too manly to admit, he loves it too. lol.

Try it out! Here's what you need:

A bowl with a lid
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1 drop of lemon, peppermint, vanilla essence or oil

Mixed ingredients together and feel the stars. It's spring time-your body will love you for it.
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I'm ready to leave work now and try this out!

I will definitely do this one....Yummy, too...

I've been making a similar body scrub for years now. I always use brown sugar and evoo, but sometimes I add minced ginger (straight from the fridge) to make a ginger body scrub or vanilla extract for a vanilla body scrub. I totally agree that it works better than any scrub that I've ever bought. I usually only mix up the amount that I'm going to use right before I use it since I sometimes add ingredients that might spoil.

I can totally do this because I have the ingredients and I don't have a use for the sugar at all. I was thinking of buying a sugar scrub but now I don't have to! Thanks :)

I just bought a 10lb bag of sugar from BJ's. I'm game to try it.

What a fantastic reuse you found for brown sugar. Thanks for your continued "experimentation" and sharing your expertise with us!

I have always done this with regular white sugar and whatever oil we have around. I haven't tried adding peppermint; I will have to try it. It definitely works better than any scrub I have ever bought. I told my friends about it and they were amazed.

most of my skin tends to hold moisture well but i have GOT to try this on my feet (they get dry and rough like nothing else). and everything is so easy to get too. thanks girl.

girl i love this blog...i tell you its all here...great job...i shall follow!

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