Chilli Is The New Face of Dasani

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I love it! She is absolutely gorgeous. I don't believe she ages!

Ditto with ChocolateOrchid LOL

ooh, I'm happy to see her out and about....doing her thang.

Beautiful... I think we love it alot :)

I love her. She's timeless and beautiful and always has been my fave :-)

I think she's eternally 23.

I'll have what she's having (*leaves to go buy some Dasani....*)

She's pretty, but really who drinks Dasani?

She was always my fave member of TLC ^_^

i love it UC. she looks fresh and beautiful.

quick question? this has nothing to do with the blog posting you wrote but i am curious about another blog you posted... E.L.F make up products...Have you tried it and does it really work(worth buying)? You can write back to thank you!

i am so glad they played up with her curls rather than just let them hang. she looks great.

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