Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix

"I'm in love with you baby.
And I want you to know.
That I'm hooked on the body.
And I'm gonna buy more"

That song was inspired by The Dream's song, and it comes to mind when I think about my Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep

I had the pleasure of sampling this creamy "Bubble Yum" scented deep conditioner for the past couple of weeks. And boy when I say the name Curl Junkie is so appropriate for this addicting concoction. Call me a hooked!

The 5 minute deep fix is smooth, so your fingers slide right through your hair for an easy detangle. So just as promised, less frizz and your curlz will looooove you for it. I must warn, this stuff is truly addicting because I've been co-washing my hair every other day since...and now I am almost out. So imagine my sadness. But, it's worth every penny of it-so you know I will be ordering more!

Also, I am sure you can also use this as a leave-in...I am tempted to try it.

Visit Curl Junkie to get you fix. Have a great Monday ladies!

3 Responses:

UC you're so crazy. If this stuff have you singing a song about it, then I HAVE to try it.

Yes, Im going to have to invest in this for my poor lil 8 year old niece. She has harsh natural hair that always leaves her in tears while getting it done. My sister (her mom) and I have been talking about getting a texturizer for her. In a way, I'm for it but then again I feel she may be too young and she should be able to decide that for herself as an adult.
PPLLLLEEAASSEEE give us some start to finish tips and product recommendations (i.e. shampoos, detanglers, blow dryers, hot combs/ flat irons, etc.) for her.

Thanks in advance for just listening

I loooove that stuff!!! UKK the curl junkie line would work great for your lil niece. Karen's body beautiful too, I got that for my nieces and their mom LOVES it!!! She can detangle their thick, natural tresses with ease.

I love the entire curl junkie line though, seriously. Those conditioners especially are great!

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