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That Listerine can treat dandruff? I didn't either until I discovered this information tonight. Here's what I found on Ehow.com:

"The underlying culprit to most dandruff problems is a fungus called malassezia (aka pityrosporum,) that likes to eat the oils that your hair follicles secrete. Sometimes this fungus gets out of control.

An easy dandruff remedy is to wet your scalp thoroughly with Listerine, wrap your head in a towel and let it sit for 15 minutes, then shampoo as usual.

You may need to do this on a daily basis till the eucalyptus oil in the Listerine defeats the fungus on your head and dandruff is no longer a problem." So no need to spend extra $ on expensive anti-dandruff solutions.

hmmm-I wonder if this works on eyebrow dandruff because I am having the worst case right now...lol.
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Wow! Great information to know!

LOL @ eyebrow dandruff! I have the same problem.

Witch hazel is working well for me right now. Makes my scalp tingle and it stays dandruff free for about 5 days, which has never ever happened for me. Im gonna try this listerine trick. And what is it with the dry eyebrows cuz mine are flaking like crazy too!?

This is really good information, its surprising that Listerine has that kind of power. Now is it safe to say that I can use eucalyptus oil on my scalp minus the Listerine?

Be careful using the oil undiluted, though. Maybe use jojoba or sweet almond oil w/it.

I remember using Listerine on my scalp (& yes, eyebrows!) years ago. I do remember reading about this in a magazine once...30+ years ago. LOL

Interesting! But, doesn't Listerine have alcohol in it too?


Yes, but keep in mind that this is a scalp treatment so I don't recommend applying it directly to the hair. Neither do I recommend using it for an extended period of time. Based on the research, you should only have to apply it long enough to cure the dandruff. My assumption is a few days for most people. But if you want to avoid the alcohol all together, go for the Eucalyptus Oil. I have a post planned about Eucalyptus for tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Also, I actually applied it to my eyebrows Sunday and Monday night. I see a reduction in my eyebrow dandruff today...uh oh, I guess it does work.

Mz. Stephanie Marie

OMG! I thought I was the only one with eyebrow dandruff.

lol @ Mz. Stephanie,

No chile, I have a horrible case of it. The craziest part is that I rarely get scalp dandruff. I guess it just manifests in my eyebrows which is worst than acne in my opinion. hmph...

You might want to look into emu oil. I've heard good things about it.

Thank you for the helpful responses ladies :o) Listerine on my scalp sounds a bit tempting but I'm nervous...certain burning sensations in certain places ain't nice at all & I can't imagine that kind of sensation on my head lol. The Caribbean market that I go to sell various bottles of natural oils that can be used on the skin & scalp, each is about the same size of a bottle of vanilla. I've tried the sweet almond oil on my scalp with good results. And my curiousity sparked about the eucalyptus oil but Imma wait till I read UC's post to get my knowledge game up :o)

I have used this many years ago and it really does work, but you must dilute it with water because it will burn like a son of a gun.

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