Do We Love It? Cassie's Half Cut

I'm certain many of you have seen Cassie's new look floating around the net this weekend. This look has gotten mixed reviews by many fans and peers. What do you think, Do we love this look on her?
18 Responses:

Oh wow...she's so pretty she is certainly pulling it off! I love it!

I spoke about this too- I like it, I agree w/ Mimi, her face can pull off just about any style.

NOPE, because the other side is way to long.

It's got that artsy, avant-garde, high fashion vibe to it. It screams artist to me.

No. No. And, no. It's just laying there. She needs to cut, layer, color, SOMETHING. It doesn't really suit her model image, but since she's boo'd up with Diddy and doesn't need $ like that anymore, I guess she can experiment with her look.

Love the eyebrows...

I could have seen her do braids or twists on one side, but never a half-shaved look. The thing is, it looks good now, but when it grows out, that would be horrid.

Also, I agree with Ebony Intuition; the other side is too long and it throws the entire look off. This only looks good with a braid out, twist out or high textured, short/medium hair style. Besides, she's pretty in the face, but her profile isn't elegant enough to pull off an asymmetrical style. It looks best on a person with a larger forehead.

BUT, if you got money like that, she could just don 20 lbs of weave.

it doesn't look right. She has one side with WAY too long hair. It would've looked better with twists or braids but not half shaven!

ahhh no...not so much...not at all

I actually like it! Her face is so pretty she could do almost anything with her hair.

It does remind me of KESH's hair cut a few months back

she should go completely'd be cuter. her face can pull it off.

she did it for attention....looks decent enough, but you girls already said what i think about it: toooo long on one side and yes, it reminds me of kesh's cut (she's way cooler though)

She should have did something funky cool to the other side. It's rather boring with the other side being so...normal.

No... I'll pass on this one.

Actually, I kinda love it.
I think she looked very . . . plastic before.
Now, she looks like an interesting, beautiful person. The contrast actually brings out her face more than the plain, long hair all over.

ick. I don't like it. She's trying whatever she can to get press... how about singing lessons?

shes pretty enough to pull it off

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