Do We Love It? Christina's Hammer Time Pants

These pants are back on the scene-take me way back to the early 90's when I used to rock them. But now...(wide eye) Would you be caught "alive" in these Hammer Time Pants? (whew lawd giving me headache just looking at them)
16 Responses:

Just no...she has a nice body and ....just I was trying to be nice but no.

OH No! these are definitely not for me..

I love the harem pants, just not those ones. I prefer solid colours and a more baggy fit over the hips.

She dipped it low and never came back up again I see. Hot mess.

I actually like 'em and I'd wear 'em with no problem.
Then again I like wearing/doing things that other folks don't.

@Chanel, LOL.

No...I'm not

Really I think it's just the print that makes it bad. I've seen the style before in solid colors and it's cute.

They give you diaper booty! didn't that pattern on her pants go out of style in early 90's!

How is it that she got the shoes on point, the bag to work and then
lost her swag with the pants. I don't care for those.

I think it would be nice in a different color. Look, I'm tired of always seeing a$$crack because pants are only made in ultra low rise. At this point, anything that starts at the natural waist is alright with me, lol.

Went shopping on Friday and seen those pants at American Apperal if any of you bellas are interested.

We are NOT liking these pants! They are a visual eye sore!

I love these pants. But they are not for those well endowed in the booty.

and DONT! I hate them--

i like them...all depends on how you decide to pull them off. She did it good, even though I still think that blonde is horrendous.

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