Do We Love It? Eva's Long Tresses & Pumps

Eva Pigford and Eye Candy, I meant Lance Gross at the Premiere of the Soloist. What a cute couple...

16 Responses:

No, short curly hair all the way. Long hair doesn't do anything for her beauty.

luv it, she is beauty with long or short hair...her shoes are FABULOUS!!!!

I love it. She's beautiful any outfit or hair style.

While i do prefer her short & sassy hair, Eva is stunning and can pretty much rock anything. And her man looks like he ain't complainin about nada.

p.s. those shoes and my feet are longing for a connection

Eva is one of those diva's who can do no wrong for me. Although I feel the dress is okay, I'm like Chanel. Those shoes need to be in my closet.

I also heart the way her honey is looking at her while she does her thing!

I think her hair should have been lighter. The dark hair should be left to Ms. London and Alicia. I actually didn't recognize her. If she had the blond in her hair it would have been fine. She can't change her hair that swift on us... start with the length and then do the color. Love the shoes. Dress is sporty... decent... could have been better.

I don't really care for the dress. It looks like it could have been a little more tailored to give it a better shape.
I love her with short or long hair.

girl you never lied about lance gross being eye candy.

eva looks lovely. the long hair is ok but she's gorgeous regardless.

Too much hair for her frame.And its too drastic for my taste. I love her better with short curls.

Eww. She looks too thin, her dress looks cheap and her elbows look ashy. As for the hair...its unbeweavable. I prefer the old Eva. What happened to her. She used to be so cute.

I think that the long hair takes away from the unique beauty that Eva possesses. When I saw the picture of her and Lance Gross, I thought it was another dark skinned hotty guy/light skin trophy diva popping up again in Hollywood. She didn't stand out to me.

Anyhoo, who am I to speak? She has the right to play up her hair just like everyone else does. To each its own.

I love her short short, but this is okay too, her man crack meupin the second pic, he is look like "Yeah that's all mine. The legs...yeah those are mine." Or maybe he looking at his own shoes. Oh, well, she looks good

I agree with those who said she's so pretty that she can rock anything. I think I like her hair shorter better however. Makes her look more typical long if that makes sense. Not ugly by far but a look we've seen a million times over.

Short hair brins out her great bon structure and makes her stand out, but long hair...not original. I don't really like it. Don't get me wrong, I stil think she is beautiful, but it's bland.

I like the long hair on her BUT she needs a cheeseburger or something--looking a bit too frai Eva. Oh BTW Lance is def some eye candy--CHOCOLATE--something like double fudge---luvs it!

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