Do We Love It? Tracee Ellis' Loose Ringlets

10 Responses:

This look is hot. Actually, Tracee can do no wrong in my eyes. Her style is so effortless and mature. She shows women that you can be natural and beautiful. That is what I love about her the most.

I'm not crazy about this look on her. Her makeup doesn't look very nice, and she looks old on this pic. I DO like the outfit, though.

I love the hair, I love the outfit.. the makeup not so much.

i'm with anonymous... tracee always looks fabulous to me, and this look is no exception.

her hair looks great, as always

I must agree this woman can do no wrong in my eyes simply beautiful. When my aunt said her hair was a weave I was ready to jump down her throat lmao but smh said how black women feel we can't make your hair look that good w/o extensions.

Of Course! She can do no wrong :)

Yes, like the others have said Tracee is the epitome of effortless beauty! She knows what works for her and kudos to not conforming.

i like it. nice and simple and her hair looks great as usual.

I do love the hair. But why does this top make her boobs look like they are laying on her hip bones?

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