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This is one of the photos of Beyonce's recent tour...I took a special liking to both dancer's hair. I actually love it. Thought I'd share....Happy Friday!

Oh, and while we are on the topic of Beyonce, the author of yesterday's thought provoking post "15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyonce" has responded to comments. Here's what she had to say:

"LOL to the comments I've read pertaining to the author. 1st, I dig your site. 2nd, as the author of the piece that's received so many mixed reviews I want to clear something up. : ) I'm a writer. If I'm asked to do a piece, I do it. That's my job. I don't hate Beyonce. I was GIVEN an assignment to examine why other people possibly do. When you indulge in the sweat of writers and read their work, understand that the piece may personally come from them, but it doesn't mean it personally reflects their opinion. We create works to entertain and create conversation. That's what I did, and that's what I do. If you want to judge me on the things that I personally feel, check my website and read my posts from last year. Those are my feelings. That's who I am. Not a hater, or a jealous person."

(Snap! Snap!--lol no I added that. )

Thanks Soulfully Unique! Great article... Visit her site @

3 Responses:

I am digging the awesomeness of the natural look also. Just not content and brave enough to do it again. I get bored very easily!

Happy Friday!

I AM CoCo D. and that is all~

yeah, the dancers do have cute hair. go Beyonce!

I do like that afro.

And I read some of the comments and couldn't understand why some folks didn't see the humor in the list. It was on Clutch, not a peer reviewed journal article; it was obviously not meant to be serious. lol People are funny.

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