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Malinda Williams and hubby D-Nice at a birthday dinner for Chris Lighty’s wife at TAO in NYC over the weekend. (
Malinda's hair makes me want to cut my hair again...shucks! Fortunately for recent BC'ers (big choppers)--this style can be easily duplicated on short natural hair. To get this look you will need to (1) start off with freshly co-washed hair (2) part and slick down the sides using a holding gel-secure with pin (3) Flexi-rod the top and back of hair (4) sit under dryer until hair is completely dry (5) unravel and finger style.
As far as products, I suggest using a setting lotion and a non-alcohol gel. My favorites are Queen Helen Pink Gel $2 and Lottabody $4.
2 Responses:

Her hair is always sooooo cute!

I love this style, maybe one day i will try it.

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