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Donn a bang for Spring '09

No weave (check), No relaxer (check), No $200 stylist (check). My blow dryer, flat iron and my two step---priceless (check, check) lol.

No seriously, I was a little bored over the weekend and I knew I needed a change, so before I did anything drastic like pull a Cassy or Christina Millian, I decided to try something different but new. So after co-washing, I decided to flat iron my hair and cut my bang. Oh, it was so hard parting ways with the hair, but I just closed my eyes and chanted, "It's just hair". I love the results!
I know some of you may not like straightened hair, but the truth is the beauty of being natural, curly, etc, is that you have options. The versatility to wear it curly, straight or in-between. Don't we love that about our hair? I know I do.
Happy Monday and thank all of you for so many positive comments during my time of grief.
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Wow, that's so hott! I might have to bang it up over here.

I don't know how u do it, have your hair look like that without a perm. more power to you though cause your hair looks great, truly

Looks like you did a great job!

It looks good, last May I had my bangs cut, I loved it, something different but not too drastic.

This looks GREAT on you! I like bangs but the versatility factor is limited b/c when I wear my hair curly the bangs look crazy! (they shrink up and just look ridiculous on me)... I hope you don't have that problem!

Really pretty. What flat iron and what temp did you use.

I love it. That is so funny because I hardly ever flat iron my hair but I felt the same way that I needed a change this weekend. SO I decided to straighten. I tell you men love straight hair. I have gotten so many compliments. I might have to try the bangs too though. How do you keep your hair so silky though cause mine still looks frizzy at the ends.

Also show more pics. I wanna see more of your hair. I can tell this is so cute but I wanna see more.LOL

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. I just needed something new!

@Wes, fortunately I don't have a lot of shrinkage in the bang area so I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't look hideous when it's curly, but if so I will just pull it or pin it back. Pray for me child...lol

@ JayladyJ, I blow dry it first. Then I flat iron tiny sections of the hair. I only go over each secion once or twice in a very slow motion. I'm talking about paper thin sections. This is how it gets super straight and silky-even the ends. This works on all hair types because my daughter has very this hair and her hair turns out very silky as well.

@KurlyQue, I use the H2Pro blow dryer and Hana Elite flat iron...both from Misikko.com. I use the flat iron on 375-400...I'm scurrred of using 450 but I heard it's safe.

I just wrap it with a silk scarf while I am at home...then spray a little sheen on it every other day (my hair is too thin for everday) This pictures were actually day 3, so the blow out will last weeks as long as you keep it protected from humidity. I also do not apply any more heat. Wrapping alone will keep it straight.

@Butterflyjewels, I promise I will do better with taking more pictures of my hair. But truth is, I am not a picture taker, so I always forget. I got out of the bed at midnight last night to do these...lol. But I wil do better.

Your hair looks fabulous. I will have to save up for that Hana Elite.

It looks fantastic, like you got it done at a salon :).

Very nice. Looks like you had a dominican blowout done. What type of heat protectant did you use and flat iron?

Oh my- this is really pretty- cute bangs.

gud job. looks gud on u too!

OHHH Weee! HOTT! I love it..it really fits your face well, I had no idea your hair was so long. I'm gonna straighten my hair this weekend!

@DNelly, yes my hair has a little length when it's straight but I have lots of shrinkage when it's curly. I guess that's why I get so frustrated with it some times...go figure.

@Anonymous, I used Beyond the Zone Heat Protectant (Sally's) and I also used Giovanni Shine of The Times Finishing for shine. I also used the Hana Elite flat iron.

It looks really great! =D

I love having bangs. Before I did the big chop, I had bangs and I decided I wanted to have them forever lol.

I technically still have bangs...but I haven't had my hair blown-out/flat-ironed since I cut the perm out...

This gives me inspiration though, maybe I'll try and see this weekend :D

ur hair looks great. have u always had natural hair? I'm growing out my perm and going natural and looking for advice on going thru the process.

hi..you have been tagged, if you would like to respond the questions are on my blog! love yours!

Your hair looks HOT TO DEF!!!!

I love it! Thank you for showing the versatility of natural hair. You are GAWGUS!!

oops... used the wrong login... Natasha is me...anywho.... it's gorgeous!!!

Your hair looks FABULOUS!!!

i've seriously been considering cutting my bangs again... right now they are cut at an angle, covering the right side of my eye... I wanted them straight across... him, just nervous about wearing my hair curly... idk

Do it girl! At least some of us are trying to be adventurous. You giving me inspiration....

I know this is an old post but man you're hair is fly. Love the straight look with bangs. That's why I love natural hair; so versatile.

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