Look O' The Moment: Hot Red Lips

So I've noticed an increased trend of red hot lips over the past couple of weeks. Red is a smoking hot color and compliments many different skin tones. Personally, I've never met a red tone that loved my lips, but hey as you can see on the above beauties, it's certainly worth another try.

Here are a few suggestions that I am thinking about sampling:

MAC -Dubonnet, Underworld
Benefit - Frenched
Nars -Tamango, Flamenco, Bad Education Gloss

Are there any red lovers out there? Any suggestions for the few of us who are afraid to step out of the "natural tone lips" box?
14 Responses:

I've always admired a blood red lip, so you can imagine my chagrin when I finally tried it out at 15 only to be called a clown by my best friend's mom-- not exactly the effect I was going for. After that I had a bit of a complex about deep colored lipstick and stuck to neutral lipglosses. But, alas, the Lord is good! I discovered Loreal's candy apple red lipgloss from their colour juice collection (I think). That lipgloss was the first red color that didn't look laughable on my face and it helped me work up the courage to try new shades of lipstick colors. Now I boldly rock ruby, wine, and scarlet lips- YAY!

MAC's russian red is gorgeous. They have it both in lipstick and gloss.

If you are new to red I would suggest trying out a cheapie lip stain/marker like from Mark or covergirl. And you can even pat on a red lipstick to just stain your lips! I personally love blood red lipsticks, the two I have that I love are Besame Noir Red and Trucco Blood Red. And although I love to line my lower eyelid, when I am wearing red lipstick I tend to stick with a thin line on top or just in the outer corners of my eyes.

I'm trying to incorporate color into my look, so I've christened every Friday Red Lipstick Day.

I use Revlon's Certainly Red (740) and Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color in Sheer Rosebud (from Target). I can use either or, but when I combine them, it's a perfect color.

Like you i never imagined that i could rock that color and especially a lipstick( im usually a lipgloss type of girl). However, i recently tried Revelon's Really Red! i love it. Its matte so i can weare it that way or add some gloss. Cant wait to wear it out this wkend.

I never realized how many of us shy away from red lipstick. It has always been a staple of of mine - it was more of a big deal for me to start wearing more glosses and neutral colors.

My fave is the Black radiance line * I find them in drugstores like CVS* a tube is like 1.99 and it works well for me. I had to experiment with dark reds to find one I really liked and it was between numbers *can't remember their names* 5042 and 5033. Cheapo's are a really good way to experiment and not break the bank LOL.

Another MAC standby is "Dare You", one of their cremesheen textured lipsticks. Online it looks way brown, but it's actually a very user-friendly dark red. And I have to agree with Moni. Russian Red may not work on everyone, but when it does, it's spectacular!

My personal favorite is MAC's Diva. Its one of my staples. I looks amazing on darker skin tones. Its a matte red that is bright but more brick than blue. You can add a little bit of gloss to make it a brighter red. I personally love and suggest adding an orange gloss that has a little bit of sparkle to the middle of the bottom lip then pressing the lips together to transfer a little to the top lip. I use Pop's Strawberry gloss. Another cool orange is one of MAC's new dazzleglass colors. I dont know the name of it though.

Red Lip Friday....I say that needs to be promoted!!

I've always loved red lips although in the past I tended to shy away, feeling that my lips were too full. Last summer I decided to give into whimsy and make my first purchase. I am happy to report that I've received complements since. I use Aphrodite from Napolean's DeVine Goddess line(a creamy, matte finish) and top it off with a coating of Estee Lauder's Pure Gloss in Cranberry, which smells like blueberries (yum). Both are blue-reds which complement complexions with golden undertones. I wear Golden Orange loose powder and Warm Almond foundation by Bobbi Brown, Golden Whisper by Valena Minerals, or Tan by Bare Escentials to give you an idea about my complexion. However, my sister, who wears Bobbi Brown's Basic Brown loose powder and Warm Deep by Bare Escentials, also looks great in these reds. Keep in mind that you must be very careful with mouth movements when wearing red. It's nothing like wearing neutral shades. I learned the hard way. By day's end of my first application, I wound up looking like a clown. A lip liner might have helped keep the lip color in place. Napolean was bought at Sephora during a huge sale for only $11, and Estee Lauder at Dillards for $19.

Try something from Fashion Fair if you can find it.
Their shades usually compliment ladies of color.
If you go to the counter, they'll help you find a great shade. It's playing dress up for your face!

I'm a celebrity and editorial makeup artist and I get the red lipstick question all of the time. Remember, it's not just about choosing the correct tone of red, but also the correct texture. If you love a certain red but it's too intense, apply it with your fingers over top of lip balm to create a subtle "stain" instead of a deep, intense red. Or put a gold gloss over a red that has too much pink. Play with red until you get your signature hue and texture.
Good luck!

This summer is going to be about color color color. Red lipstick will be on the agenda. You won't believe this but I was told by this women at the MAC counter in San Deigo that I should not experiment with Rouge and just concentrate on accenting my eyes (she was white and I was in a white space....La Jolla,CA). So I always think that it is important for WOMEN OF COLOR to literally DO women of color's make-up. That incident fits into my grandmother's generation's attitude that Black Women can't wear red lipstick because it was the property/domain of white women...

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