My Detox Experience: The Easiest 5Lbs.

I mentioned in my Tagged post the other day that I detoxed over the past weekend and some of you emailed me/commented inquiring about the detox. So I thought I would share my short story. I found out about this detox program from Chocolate Orchid blog a few weeks ago. It was like an answer to prayers because I had been looking at different detox options for months. But like many of you, afraid to try any thing. See I am a natural skeptic so I usually avoid anything that is not recommended from someone who has already experienced it. A habit I need to break.

But anyway after reading Arden's Garden web site and a few calls to the store, I journeyed down there to pick up the juice. From the moment I walked into the Roswell store I noticed a high wave of energy throughout the place. Surprisingly, there were five people ahead of me so I just stood there waiting for my turn. Listening to the various conversations, I quickly realized that these people were regulars. I could also hear one man telling another patron that he lost 50 lbs by juicing alone. Boy did my ears shoot up like an antenna. "50 lbs. that can't be true!"

So as my turn approached, I asked the busy clerk (who I must admit did not stop moving to talk to me) a series of questions while she cleaned the juicing station, wiped down counters and replenished inventory. I became dizzy just from watching her move around like someone on speed.

The first thing my husband jokingly asked when I returned to the car was "What the hell are those people on?" He said he observed people as they walked in an out and they had so much energy. Something as parents of young kiddies and a teenage girl-we seriously lack. So we chuckled all the way home, while I still secretly doubted inside that I would last on the program.

Saturday morning, I immediately filled my 32 cup with the mixture, smelled it and started drinking. Hmmm, didn't taste too bad...Sort of like pink grapefruit juice. Still skeptical as the day went on, I decided that I will take a couple of naps to keep my mind off of food. I finally got up about 2 p.m. and realized that I was not hungry and had no desire to eat.

The two days went by so fast that it was unbelievable. No physical hunger, no headaches, no dizziness, nothing. My husband kept asking me to eat something or sit down because he was so worried about me because like myself, he could not believe that one can survive on juice alone. But I did, and this experience has definitely converted me into an official JUICER. And after getting on the scale Monday and seeing that I was five lbs lighter...I knew that patron in the store was telling the truth!

So why did I detox?
It really wasn't to loose weight. I knew that weight loss is a plus, but for a long time I have felt sluggish, tired, bloated, sleepy, etc. ALL day. So I needed something to rid my system of all of the toxins that bad foods, alcohol, and sodas had placed in me.

How did I feel?
Surprisingly, full all day. I sipped on 32 oz cup of the mixture consuming 4 cups per day. I carried the cup every where I went.

Aside from not being able to eat food, what are the negative side effects?
Frequent Urine -I emphasize frequent

What does the mixture taste like?
Pink Grapefruit Juice or Unsweetened Orange Juice

How often can you detox?
The rep told me that I can do the two-day program as often as I like. But recommended the 21 day program about 1 per 6 months.

What is in the mixture? Can I make it myself?
Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon Juice. Also distilled water. Yes, the recipe is on their web site. Also, they have a green vegetable mixture. I plan conquer that another time. lol.

Would I do it again?
Heck yeah! Oh, I'm officially a juice head. I am going out to buy a new juicer this weekend so that I can juice everyday. It has so many wonderful benefits. I used to juice, but I did it all wrong by drinking it with my meals. But in reality, the juice is a meal, so should be used as a meal replacement. Matter of fact, my husband is going downtown today to pick me up some more jugs, lol. He's even going to try it himself.

So if any of you were in my rut-gaining weight, feeling sluggish, etc-I strongly recommend trying this. It was the easiest five pounds I've ever lost.
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Awesome and informative post!!
UC, I'm so glad this worked for you!

Take Care.

Hmmm.. Although I don't really need to lose weight, I'm always sluggish and I eat HORRIBLY. I don't have the patience to juice on my own though. I'll have to check their website to see if their in NY.

I'm definitly going to try this now! Thank you for sharing your results :).

Thanks for posting your story, I have always wanted to start juicing. I wish they would expand their locations to chicago, so I wouldnt have to purchase my own and do it myself. But it looks like I will have to if I plan on juicing for the long run.

I will definitely be trying this out soon! Thanks for the info!

Congrats :o) This was very informative - thanks for posting.

Thanks for the info? Is the juice expensive?

@ Butterfly Jewels,

Somewhat, but worth every penny. It's like $30 for the two day detox. However, I plan to buy a juicer so that I can continue.

I would definitely like to give this a try. I did the master cleanse for 10 days and was great until the last two days I started to get hungry. I wonder if they can ship on dry ice? I'm in NJ and the mixture definitely sounds great. I would love to do a 4/5 day on this one. I will have to call them.

I am going to Sevanda this week to try it out. Thanks!

I do a seasonal detox - but I do eat during mine. It's a detox I get from a health clinic called Women to Women. I wrote about my last experience on my blog. Like you, I lost weight and gained energy. It was great.

Arden's Garden...Roswell...definitely a Georgia girl. lol. I love their energy shots. Its a shot of wheatgrass, lemon juice, cranberry juice, and ginger. It does not taste too good, but it is worth it. And do you gain all the weight back after you detox?

Actually, I haven''s been two weeks. Also, the detox for some reason took away many of the cravings for bad foods that I had. I am much more thoughtful of what I put into my mouth after the detox.

I'm actually detoxing right now. This is my last day and I've lost another three lbs.

I am gearing myself up for the 21 day detox but also changing the way I look at food. I love the way I feel. I call it my juice high. So, I'm trying to make juicing a part of my everyday lifestyle.

Wish me luck!

Hey UC, I have been wanting to try this out ever since you first wrote about it last year, but never got around to it. But, I finally bought me a juicer last last, and went to get the ingredients today. So far, so good :-) Did you ever get arounf to trying out the 21 day detox? If so, how did it go?

Hi Jamie,

Unfortunately, I chickened out on the 21 day detox. The longest I've gone is 6 days. I haven't given up yet because I love the way juicing makes me feel. It's a matter of reprogramming the mind. So go for it.

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