Oprah Does Not Wear A Weave

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Lady O dedicated a portion of her show on Friday to reveal her natural hair and show the world that she has not and do not wear...a weave. So don't get it twisted. lol.
I love it because I must admit my BFF and I have always salivated over Lady O's hair and was totally convinced that she had the best weave in the world. So, boy she fooled me, but I must say after seeing her beautiful, thick and natural tresses-it makes me LOVVVE my natural tresses even more. What do y'all think about her hair?
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wow I'm surprised that it is her hair! Good for her I say :c) It well maintained and healthy.

I don't totally believe this. Here hair in some of the pics does not look believable. Did she stated that she never wears weave or that she doesn't have to wear weave because she has plenty of hair? Cuz to me there is a difference in the two statements.

I think some of her old hair styles used to be a weave - especially those curly styles. The way she's been wearing it now though definitely doesn't look like a weave. I guess she was growing her hair like crazy under some of those weaves and wigs. Her hair looks great though.

I love it! I wonder what took her so long to address her hair because I know people have always asked her about it?

wow i always thought that she at least wore pieces for thickness so she has me pleasantly surprised. :) yet another reason Oprah is the bomb!

W.O.W. She needs to co-brand whichever flat iron her stylist is using. I'd have never thought for a moment that she was natural. That's only because she styles it differently so often (not sure if it's every day cuz I don't watch her show daily).

Then again, if she's styling it as much as I assume, what the heck is her hair care regimen.

Inquiring minds. Dang! Go, Oprah.

I just want to say great about the hair.

But, can I please borrow her makeup artist for a private photo shot.

They sure work wonders on Lady O!!!!


she never said she was natural though, she only said that she doesnt wear a weave.

I'm loving her hair...thank god we know the truth...its beautiful!!!
go lady O....

Her hair is beautiful! She definitely needs to be sharing her hair care stuffs...vitamins, products, etc.

I am glad she is natural but like someone else said I do think some of her curlier do's are wigs. My mom thought Oprah added hair pieces to her hair.

Oprah should talk more about her hair to help encourage others going natural, other's that are natural and to inform white folks about the versatility/beauty of our hair since she got them eating out of her hand.

I love Oprah's hair in its textured state (with the orange head band)...looks great!

I watched the show and she never said that she's never worn a weave. Instead, she said the way that her hair is currently is hers and that she gets it pressed.

She has worn weave before but 9 times out of 10 it's her hair and she lets it be known that it's a weave coupled with why she has it. From the times I've seen her with one at least.

I believe that is her hair in that picture. She looks great!

nadia from paris

that tihs her hair in this picture BUT she wears too wigs !!

Beyonce can too say that she has hair but ...

I think her hair has grown tremendously from weaving it up for the last few years. It looks nice, full and healthy! Oprah has always had very thick and long hair, so it doesn't surprise me that it looks like this. If she says its hers I believe her, no point in lying about it, its not THAT serious.

She most likely gets her hair texturized and then straightened or curled for the show (America is not ready for that 'fro!). I've been texturizing my hair for about three years now and it's the longest it has ever been. Plus I can go straight or curly when I feel like it. Although I do think there are some hair salons that can texturize black women's hair better than others. And I don't think you can just get it out of some box either. I go to Jazma hair salon in Toronto (http://www.jazma.com/).

To be honest, I think black women should stop weaving/braiding/permanently straightening their hair. Texturizing is a great way to let your hair grow and it still gives you the option to straighten your hair, wear a 'fro or curls. And with some styling products, you're hair can be 'wavy'. My hair isn't as long as Oprah's, but it's getting there!

holy crap, she doesn't wear a weave?? i was always convinced that she did....dang!

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