Top 15 Reasons Why People Hate Beyoncé


I read this feature on Clutch Magazine: What are your thoughts on this?

Dear Beyoncé,

I woke up this morning to the surge of a beautiful sunlight washing my spirit with a feeling of nothing quite shy of amazing. My man at my side, although he’s definitely no Jigga, managed to finally make it home from the club last night to snuggle next to his boo for a little R and R. Trust me, after years of waking up on the wrong side of reality, something in the melody of the humming birds whispering sweet nothings atop their perch outside my window pane, told me that today was going to be the right side of life for me. I know I’m not a solid gold dancer, but I’m fly enough to work it on Soul Train. If Tyra was looking for a Next Top Model you could easily sign me up for Cycle 20. Feeling myself and overwhelmed with my perfection, I decided to go in the kitchen and cook my man a little breakfast. But… much to my surprise, I was privy to a conversation that put a knife in my moment of ecstasy. It started with the TV belting what I thought were harmless lyrics… “Na Na Na, Diva is a female version of a hustla, of a hustla, of a, of a hustla…” and then it took a curve down to nothing short of offensive when my man busted out with this off the hook statement, “Damn, I wish my girl was as fly as Beyoncé.”

The Newest Member of the “I HATE Beyoncé Club”

Before you all start out trying to ring my neck, I better first state the fact that this letter should strictly be filed in a drawer set aside for anything fiction. This letter isn’t true to my situation, but I guarantee you it’s a feeling that’s continually echoed throughout the minds of many women and men out there. We’re no stranger to the fact that people across the board got love for Beyoncé, but lets keep it real since we’ve already entered the sharing circle, and dish a bit on the reasons why people got hate for Beyoncé too.

1)”You remind me of a girl that I once knew.”
Usher wasn’t playing when he sang about his bout with Déjà Vu, but if Beyoncé reminds you of someone in your past, it may not exactly be a pleasant memory. Did any of you go to school with that girl who was balancing Student Council, Track and Field and in her spare time was the head of the Cheerleading Squad, while you were merely hoping to have a chance to at least make Student of the Week? Did I forget to mention that she was also dating the captain of the football team while you were still combing through the school directory hoping to will yourself a first date? Well, Beyoncé may unconsciously remind you of that girl that you hated who with the blink of an eye had and did everything you wanted too.

2) Your man wants her.
Referring to the story within the letter of course, but also enforcing the idea that this letter mirrors so many male opinions. She has landed on many a male magazine polls on who they feel is the sexiest women alive and if that doesn’t further this simple argument, then consider this: In 2007 she became the first and only singer to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

3) Even on her worst day she’s still so damn beautiful, or is she?
Has anybody ever seen Beyoncé without her year round costume on? Of course I’m speaking lightly on the gobs of make up and hair extensions we’re so accustomed to seeing her sporting at every venue and event she attends. Sure Barbie looks good when you first take her out of the box, but after you’ve played with her for a while she loses her luster, her hair goes flat, and she becomes a bit dingy. Without all that makeup and weave, would Beyoncé still carry her torch of defining perfected beauty, or would the flame slowly die at the pluck of each individual eyelash? Just a question.

4) As if she didn’t have enough money of her own, she had to run out and marry Jay-Z, who ’s got plenty more to add to their ever-growing bank account.
Some people can’t even pay the rent, let alone find a decent man in life who’s willing to contribute to life’s simple and monetary household needs. Beyoncé’s estimated net worth is sitting on a comfortable $350 million; when you factor in her boo’s acquired income, the two love birds are sitting easy on a billi. Can I get some bailout money from them?

5) People constantly revere her as the best, which makes her an easy front-runner for being the most annoying artist on your Top Ten list.
She’s been nominated for more awards than she’s actually ever won, but the fact that she is faithfully considered whether or not she even produces the fruit of worth is a clear testimony to the claim that I’m making here. NAACP recently granted her a trophy for Outstanding Female Artist, leaving artists like Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys to bask in the shadows of her continual glory. If it wasn’t for a shun by The Academy, then I’d say Beyoncé was thought to be the best at everything. Good for you Jennifer Hudson.

6) She’s the reason we no longer have Destiny’s Child.
When “Beyoncé and the Girls” first stepped on the scene under their well-known alias, Destiny’s Child, it was clear for the world to see who was really headlining and who would remain in the shadows: our wonderful Queen B. Riddled with drama, rumored to be a result of a single spotlight on the ever talented Beyonce’, the group went from four to two, back to four, and then down to three and before you knew it, Beyoncé was running things on the airwaves with a flourishing solo career. Coincidence anyone?

7) She could learn to share the spotlight a little, couldn’t she?
A lot of people wish Beyoncé would take a long vacation and let some other talent break the surface of our 24 Play. Maybe have a baby with Jay Z, or continue working on her blossoming acting career. Plain and simply, maybe she just need to keep herself busy and let some other voices crack through the sound of our stereo.

8) For the men… She’s got the world wanting to Upgrade U.
Not like some of you don’t deserve the boot or need a reality check to create a higher standard, but it’s one thing to kick a cheater “to the left,” but it’s another to bring a better man into the picture to replace you.

9) Put a ring on it…
Easier said than done B. I think the ladies of the world have already thought of this. But if I was sitting easy on $350 million, I’m sure I’d be up to my ear in proposals and jumping out windows to avoid them until I had them sign my pre-nup. The anthem makes sense, but it doesn’t take into account the plight of the real single ladies of this world. If we run out and dump our men just because they didn’t pop the question in our matrimonial time frame, then we’ll be “up in the club” feeling unnecessarily lonely. Then we’ll be singing with your sister crying about the plight of T.O.N.Y. Why bother?

10) She’s a sellout.
A lot of people were deep in the fold when she rocked the mic with a passion on her solo debut Dangerously In Love. When she told us it was her B’Day, we stood in line ready to celebrate. But when she commercialized her music and offered us I am… Sasha Fierce, sure the album sold millions, possibly only off the name Beyoncé, but compared to her previous two offerings, the musical quality pales in comparison.

12) The “Blacker the Berry” isn’t always the “Sweeter the Juice”.
We all know Beyoncé is a red bone, but even being that light isn’t enough to satisfy the media. In 2005, Vanity Fair denies rumors of lightening her image on the cover of their magazine, but now L’Oreal is currently under the radar for doing the same skin altering. I don’t know about you, but I love my brown skin.

13) She’s a hypocrite?
She’s a devout Methodist, raised in the church and very strong in her faith, and when speaking out about the criticism towards her raunchy clothing and behavior, she has been quoted in saying, “I honestly believe [God] wants people to celebrate their bodies so long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process.” Is that so. Now she’s singing about feeling her Halo and finally finding her angel in Jay Z, yet last time I checked her man was an ex drug dealer. That might be viewed as a little contradictory when you consider the good girl image she continually tries to show us.

14) Jay Z is not that attractive.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when you’re a high profile celebrity society tends to think you should be dating a handsome man like the Rock or the next LL Cool J. Beyoncé chose Jigga, who probably doesn’t stand a chance to becoming the next Mr. Universe, but because Beyoncé could have whomever she wants, people feel like they should have a say so in her love match also.

15) Jealousy.
It’s easy to make a list of all the reasons why you could possibly hate a person, but if that list comes to you a little easy, then you may want to consider the real answer: jealousy. Beyoncé’s a great artist and I think people secretly wish they could be her. But if you work on being “you,” then you won’t have time to have a reason to hate on her.

These are all just possible ideas, and not something I personally hold as doctrine. I believe you have to personally know a person to truly have a reason to hate on ‘em, and since I have yet to be invited for tea at Beyoncé’s, none of these bulletins personally reflect my opinion. Instead of focusing so much on B, you should consider a quote by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays,

Whatever you do, do it so well that no man living, no man dead or no man yet to be born can do it any better.” That’s the philosophy we see in Beyoncé. She does it to the best of her abilities and her talents have led her to the top of the industry. So I’ll leave you with this — don’t hate, just step up to the plate"
22 Responses:

I can honestly say that I do not hate on Beyonce. I admire her and aspire to be as successful as her. I have made fun of her fashion choices in the past and probably will again in the future but I do that with everybody not just beyonce.

I think this list is ridiculous... Not to like Beyonce is certainly a personal preference but to basically write a book about someone you don't like is just absurd... This person sounds threatened by her and insecure. If you're comfortable in your own skin then you wouldn't be THAT concerned about what the next chick (celebrity or not) is doing.

Just to even know that someone actually took the time to mentally digest this speaks utter ignorance. There are more important things in the world to attain one's attention to...

...this isn't one of them...

I saw this on Clutch as well and skipped it because of the title - but when I noticed that it got tons more comments than my natural hair article - I had to check it out - talk about being envious :o)

Anyway, at first glance it reads like the writer was jealous/envious of Beyonce, but as the piece moves along the writer's point starts to come to surface.

I think the final message is that 'hating' on Beyonce or anyone else for that matter is ridiculous - and in the whole scheme of things we, ourselves could accomplish anything we want to if we put our minds, hearts, and talents into reaching our goals ...

Or, maybe I'm just being too philosopical, but I'm still envious of all the attention it's gotten versus my article :o)

Personally, I think the person who comprised the list, the article, whatever, needs to get a life cuz its really not that serious. I don't hate nor do I hate ON anyone. Bey does Bey and I do me. She's cute, she can sing, she has a nice body, she's rich, more power to ya.

For some people hating on Beyonce is just that serious. Just because you don't feel that way doesn't mean the article's not valid. As she is a potent force in the industry this article has a lot of value.

*O_O* WOW...people are really THAT insecure with themselves? I love me, my husband love me, my children love me, GOD loves me...nough said!

My thoughts on BE, Some of her work like, some of it i hate, One thing I respect is the girl has worked her ass off to get where she is. I respect the hustle in her and anyone thats hating simply hasn't done the work and is mad because they aren't where she is.

Simply put, don't hate her, get like her or better.

I AM CoCo D. and that is all! :)

Wow! That article is crazy! However, I don't think the person who wrote it was intentionally trying to hate on Beyonce, I think that they were trying to make a point.

I think Beyonce is cool. I love a lot of her music and yes she is fierce!

I agree with the last quote too! Why hate on someone when you can step your game up?!

I love Beyonce and I bought her last album because I couldn't get halo out of my head. I think music is personal and I don't expect everyone will like the album but the list of why Beyonce should be disliked is ridiculous. It is like saying, I hate you because you are cute. Why doesn't the author simply just cute herself up and begin to enjoy her own life?

this article represents the "crab-barrel" mentality that holds us back and keep us from being fruitful... joking or not.

I think only a fan would say things like that. I'm not a fan of her, but, I do like some of her music. As for everything else about her I could care less. People take this "hater" thing to far sometimes.

This article was really tongue and cheek and not to be taken seriously. I also saw it on Clutch and the sad thing is that people took it seriously and added some of their own venom. I actually feel that Beyonce is a talented singer and performer and as a Texas am glad for her success.

LOL to the comments I've read pertaining to the author. 1st, I dig your site. 2nd, as the author of the piece that's received so many mixed reviews I want to clear something up. : ) I'm a writer. If I'm asked to do a piece, I do it. That's my job. I don't hate Beyonce. I was GIVEN an assignment to examine why other people possibly do. When you indulge in the sweat of writers and read their work, understand that the piece may personally come from them, but it doesn't mean it personally reflects their opinion. We create works to entertain and create conversation. That's what I did, and that's what I do. If you want to judge me on the things that I personally feel, check my website and read my posts from last year. Those are my feelings. That's who I am. Not a hater, or a jealous person. Thanks.

If you read the article on the actual website like I did, you will see that the author explicitly states that she does not hate Beyonce. She wrote it to give example of reasons why people hate Beyonce. The beginning scenario with the man lamenting that his girl isn't like B is fictional. The author says that right off the bat.

With that said, I personally have an intense dislike of Beyonce, that some days borders on hate, and none of it stems from jealousy. It irritates me that she is the media's definition of black beauty when not only is she of mixed heritage and therefore not as black as many of the women she is compared to, she isn't even as fly as she looks half the time. She is airbrushed, lace fronted, butt padded, girdled, made up, to look like this perfect woman that truly doesn't exist.

I take pride in the fact that I can walk out of my house with absolutely no makeup on and still be called beautiful. Part of that is due to my chocolate skin that hides blemishes.

I don't like that because of the media and the way Beyonce plays into the media, many people are subjected to an unrealistic beauty standard. Her beauty is expensive, not authentic.

Also, in general, I don't like the way that this country idolizes music stars and actors. Where are our values??? And I'm not even some old person reminiscing over the good old days. I'm an 18 year old college student who was ridiculed in highschool because I studied too much. So what, I go to an Ivy now on full scholarship, and none of that is praised as much as Beyonce's new shoes.

With that said, hate is an evil thing. I do not hate Beyonce, and the Beyonce brand, but frequently, she irks my nerve.

I think it's funny how many people missed the point of the article. At the end of the day, the same reasons people hate are are the reasons others love her. The point is to recognize her talent for what it is - her talent - and then instead of trying to duplicate, put the same dedication and passion into what it is you do that makes you who you are.

Take it for what it is and move on!

~ Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can ~ Arthur Ashe

I have issues that one of the biggest role models for young black women today is a young woman who is probably one of the least natural women out there.

It also pissed me off that she never had the decency to speak out about that whole l'oreal fiasco last year. The least she could do was address the issue for the sake of the young women who look up to her (hey, they could have even faked it for the PR, like the industry usually does) but she didn't.

I also dislike her music, it offers me nothing lyrically. It's frivolous... and i think that we need to be addressing more stringent issues than "if ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it".

Oh, and I've heard her speak... she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

The fact of the matter is i try not to be a fan of people, just their music simply because I don't know who these people really are. They are marketed not much unlike a box of rice krispies. Like my Mummy always say: Don't put your head on a block for anybody.

Beyonce does a really good job at bringing out the insecurities of other people. One thing that people can do with Beyonce is put her in a box.

i agree with all of those reasons .lol. beyonce is just too fake and too much to be a real woman. when i see her with her real hair and no make-up then maybe she'll get some respect as a real woman from me. Beyonce is a product. and lucky for me, my boyfriend is not buying. =D he thinks she has a phat booty but of course he loves mine first and foremost. and he thinks she's and idiot, a ho and there's not one song by her that he like.

I personally love her music... (sasha fierce sucked tho)and i'm pretty sure thats the point. she became a singer to share her craft.

All that I admire of Bey is her ambition and her bank account. Other than those two, there's not much to admire so she doesn't hold my attention.

- She's most definitely of the vapid variety but that's the case for many mainstream artists as of late.

- I'm not a fan of her acting. I just finished reading "Women, Culture, & Politics" by Angela Davis and I can't see Bey portraying one of the most important figures of the Civil Rights and Black Feminist movements.

- Her music is listenable for workout purposes (I'm a beat junkie) but the songwriting is generally boring, superficial, silly, or a combo of all 3.

- Watching her interviews are painful due to her poor speech. A speech coach is just as valuable as a fitness trainer.

Sheesh, I don't love her or hate her (I think most people are overrated lol).

At the end of the day though, Beyonce can't help me or pay these bills or help fix this recession. So truly, it's not that deep.

As for people that I can admire, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, and the Obamas come to mind!

long story short.

no chick is really jealous of bey why?

1. she's a great performer (like cher and dianna ross) but she isnt that fly.

2. though amazingly talented she has no personality

maybe its just me and my crew, but the dudes im around dont find her to be sooo fly or sexy, she's eye candy like every other vixen type chick. and the guys that worship her are Gay.... the gays love her.

she's a bit overrated- i dont love or hate her. i think shes an AWESOME performer with a great voic, but thats it...

personally, solange is flyer than she is... and Solange has clearer been giving her wardrobe tips b/c she dresses so much better--- or is she just copying our beloved Rih-Rih? hmmm...

anyway, the person who wrote this article has self-esteem issues. oooor shes obsesses with "queen bey"

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