Vashtie Kola-a video director, designer and promotor but perhaps most known for her relationship with Farrell. Vashtie is a Trinidadian beauty that's making waves on the fashion scene with her line of graphic T-shirts, Violette.
8 Responses:

Beautiful curls, beautiful West Indian woman! And she's an entrepreneur to top it off!

Yeah she is a beauty. The t-shirts are cute and affordable also.

She is really pretty. I like the last photo. There is so much style in that photo!

i think she said somewhere she uses pink hair lotion

Beautiful girl, Fabulous hair!

Big up to Trinidad & Tobago and all the other Caribbean Islands!

I love Va$htie! Beautiful hair and style.

woot woot for a trini girl doing big things. she's really pretty too. i am happy for her.

she is beautiful!! ah product of Trinidad & ppl wah claim as ah "WEST INDIAN" steups buh when yuh from JA...yuh iz jus ah "JAMAICAN" wah bout d rest ah d West Indies....reall selfishness jed..nah she iz jus ah TRINI!! large up!!!

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