Who's The Fiercest Of Them All?

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Look what BScott have started with his song "B#$%*, "Hold My Ponytail". This is a fierce pose. So fierce, that I'm about this close to visiting the nearest wig shop to get me a ponytail so that I can pose right along side these divas.

I find it quite hilarious! Go B, you're a trendsetter. Visit LoveB.Scott if you haven't yet.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this?
13 Responses:

Next time I straighten my hair I'm gonna try this.... LOL

I can't call it, they are all FIERCE!!!!! I love BScott's soft expression, Beyonce's attitude and Keisha's pose...all three are hitting it!

That is so cute! Loves!

Im feelin Keyshia's posture. Beyonce's curves and her overall divaness rock this for me though.

B. Scott is working it!!!

All 3 are FIERCE!!!!

I saw the performance Beyonce hit this pose at the end of and thought, "you betta work biznatch." Bootyance all the way. lol

Keyshia's is the fiercest of them all!

Actually B.Scott didn't start that trend. It started years ago with an Icon on the gay club scene Leyomi Mizrahi (sp). With that said K.Cole serves it!

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