World Natural Hair Show

Miss Jessie's will be providing free consultations at the World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show in Atlanta this weekend. First come, first serve.

I still haven't made up my mind if I will go. Are any of you going?
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I will be selling hair accessories there this weekend. There are free giveaways galore. There is no reason you shouldn't be there!

I think you should go. If anything to pick up some tips and some great product/style reccomendations to pass along to the rest of us urban curlies who do not live in the ATL area.

I'll definitely be in the house.
Come on out!

I just came into Atlanta today from NC and will definitely be attending.

I will be attending at least two of the professional classes and meeting up with the Atlanta meetup crew at noon.

Last year I had bc'ed shortly before the show as was still getting familiar with my hair but now I know what makes it thrive so I'll definitely be stocking up on some on the goodies that will be for sale.

The show is the bomb! I got so many free samples and I spent a good amount money of spear earring, coconut braclets, natural body scrubs and the list goes on honey. The fashion show was off the chain! It's a great event with so many positive people. I took some pics of peoples natural hair! I purchased some products from curltopia last month full price, they were selling everything half off at the show! .....womp womp! I purchased another rapid repair half off. The rest of the products I don't care for.

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