Beyonce's "Ego" Video

I don't think I even have to say anything. The hair speaks for itself! I wish we can see more of Bey and others rocking the big curlies more often--weave or not! lol. But the funny part is that I was reading comments over at where a couple people talking sideways about her hair...It almost made me snap back then I remembered the Hair Nazi post. LOL

Happy Friday!

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Wow! Likin' da hair though!

Yeah I love this song and 'scared of lonely' too. The video is ok, just think the three dancing girls is over. She's done it in Diva and Single Ladies, while it is nice, I'd like to see something new. Then again, why would she care, I already bought the CD lol

She also had three dancers in "check up on it", but they were all her, lol. I really do like Beyonce, I just think the costumes she wears are ridiculous.

I love that hair and i love that black jacket. cute

Im not a big fan of the looks odd! i think i like the song..but then again like the above post..would like to see something new!

Yes honey the video was "ok" but the hair....oh so FABULOUS! If you ask me she's better looking as a curly girl....


I LOVE this song. I've been told I have too much confidence (how can you have too much confidence???) but now I just say I walk like this cause I can back it up! As for the video, I agree with everyone else that says that Bey has done the three dancers over and over and over again! And what's with the move in the beginning where she's grabbing her girls?

Not a fan of the hair, and I don't get why women will sew an afro wig on their hair when they can grow the hair from their scalps!

I've been reading urbancurlz for sometime now and what attracted me to this site was the posts on curly hair and hair inspiration, but a lot of the posts are now about straight styles and just generally about celebs. I understand the need to switch up your blog but it would be nice to see some more posts on curly hair.- Of course ths is just a suggestion and its your blog and ultimately your decision as to what gets posted.

someone said she looks like tisha campbell in "school daze" w/that weave. i'm inclined to agree. also hate the contouring they did w/her makeup. she looks like a drag queen. :( no likey. but i do like the song.

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@anonymous-before the other anonymous..

Thanks for the constructive criticism. My goal is bring a variety to this blog. Yes, I celebrate curly hair but there is more to curly hair. We can rock it straight, curly, braids, weave any way we want to. So I like to deliver these options to the readers. This blog is not anti-straight, weave, color, etc.

The trend that I find in the curly and natural hair community is that we limit ourselves thinking oh, I can't be natural and wear weave, or straight hair, etc. As a result, we get bored easily and tend to go back to relaxers. There are only so many twist outs, bantu knot sets, etc that you can do. So I like to show that we can rock our hair in a variety of ways. Not just limited to curly or natural styles. The best of all worlds. That's what UC is about.

I'm sorry if you are tired of looking at celebrities, but let's be honest here, that's were we get 99% of our influence on hair and fashion. Plus most of the celebrities that I highlight on this blog are natural themselves-Beyonce (is natural under the weave :), Janet, Eva, Tracee Ellis Ross are all naturally curly chics too.

But again, thanks for the feedback...I will keep that in mind on future posts. Check me out on Monday...The posts will be about all curl patterns.

Wow how do so many people have no problem with long straight weaves but go eh when she rocks some curls. Yeah its fake but at least its representing better than some silky straight hair. What happened to diversity also she looks beautiful and I love the video. She is beginning to overplay the three chics dancing thing but I still love it LOL

to the Anon b4 the anon

Thanks UC for addressing the anon b4 the anon....

Interesting that this came up right after the hair nazi post. Did you read it Anon?

Women have options and curly girls have even more options.

Reminds me of the song...I am not my hair...well, I am not my curly hair, straight hair or weave either...LOL

I ALWAYS feel like I'm gonna "black out" when I read other blogs but now I just SMH...

But I always love Bee when she rocks that big curly hair (weave or not) even the one from Austin Powers vid...

^^^I agree. LOVED her 'do in the Austin Powers vid and in the movie! And by the by, absolutely LOVED "Work it Out".

I think folk just have a problem with the blending of her hair here...from the roota-to-the-toota. LOL Don't care that it's a weave; we can all use a little enhancement now and again, but love this 'fro.

The makeup? Not so much. LOL

thanks for telling us about the new Beyonce the hair!

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