Chantal Biya: The First Lady of Cameroon


Chantel Biya is the First Lady of the African nation, Cameroon. She is known for many charitable involvements including AIDS research, but probably most noted for her bold fashion sense. According to Daily Nation, among Cameroonian woman, she is famous for her hairstyles. The hairstyle pictured above is called the "banane" which is used for formal occasions. Do we love the banane?
9 Responses:

I don't like her hairstyles at all, its a bit too much.

Ummmm....Dayum? LOL!

Although I must say that I am all for one doing themselves, I am totally not feelin' this look. Too theatrical for me.

NOPE!! in fact we hate it,lol

Even though her style is not my style, something that I do admire about her is her confidence in who she is how she looks. Now that's beautiful!

I don't like the look but I admire her ability to choose to look how she wants. So I think that's great!

no thank you, we don't want no parts of that!! lol

I can't knock what's hot in Cameroon..but Ba-bey it looks HEAVY!

Do YOUUU First Lady of Cameroon!

no ma'am this is not it.

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