Ciara @ Maxim's Hot 100 Party-Do We Love This?

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Happy Friday!
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Finally, she shows her pretty face! She's a gorgeous woman underneath all the hair she usually wears. However, I'm not feeling the length of the braids. I would have preferred a nice, low chignon or a creative updo with the braided ends, or at least braided to the side... something polished to match the classiness of the dress. It's a little distracting. Besides, why wear a dress with the back out and have braids hanging down it?

Still, I love her in braids :-) Great post!

I do like the braids. It looks fresh, clean and summery. I do agree with Vermelha that a chignon, either in the back or too the side would have been better, especially with this dress.

We no likey! She should have splurged on a better hair stylist.

Ehh. Not my favorite. SInce she's toned everything up and dropped any ounce of thickness she had, her face has become a little too chiseled for me. She needs hair to soften the angles. Im not a fan of her big weaves wither. I liked the assymetrical bob on her though. Very sexy.

The braids are nice they just don't go with the dress. Not dressy enough.

I personally LOVE this style. Hmmm, wonder if my braidist can attempt this on me. Anywho, the dress is not that 'dressy' , she is attending a party, not the oscars. I disagree with going with a chignon or updo. I love the way it hangs in the back.

I like them alot, I agree with Vermelha and Tina though; I wish she had done something with the ends. A Chignon would have looked phenomenal.

Cute look but not for a red carpet event, maybe the beach.

Not really. I miss her baggy jeans and swag. Now she's just a Janet Jackson wannabe and I HATE IT (Gosh, it just doesn't seem right to me)!!! The dress color is cute on her tho. :)

I love her hair. That is the thing with simple natural hair, stars and a lot of people think it is not good enough for fancy events. Maybe more celebs would wear their natural hair if people wouldn't make neg comments when they do.

Anyway, I know that I got some fresh braids done and I had to go somewhere dressy a few days later, I wouldn't take them out either.

I got some twists in right now and I am going to a party so they gone have to work.

She seems like a nice person and she can dance her butt off, but there is always something not quite right about her look. I can't put my finger on it, and I want to like it because she tries so hard, but ... .

Well to respond to one of the Anonymous commenters; The only negativity I could see is when a natural style goes overboard. In this case, the braid extensions (IMO) are a tad bit too long and could be adjusted in a fashionable bun or updo. It made me think that she didn't coordinate and while she was getting her hair braided, she forgot she was going to a red carpet event that afternoon.

Sure, natural styles should be worn more often on celebs IMO, but the hair needs to match the class of the outfit.

@ Southern Girl - Why do I agree! She's gorgeous, but she's often overdone a lot of the time. In this case, she looks pretty with her hair back. This is the best I've seen her in a while... I like her brows though!


@Southern Girl I said the same thing!!! I think its bc The Man hasn't "found" the right look for her. I wish they would just let her do her and I promise it would be better than what they try to make her...

Ohhh man...ever sense the rabbit in the Disney movie Bambi said...If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all. has imprinted in me wholeheartedly...

I had no comment for the first pic but the rear view......well...dang :/

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