Do We Love It Edition: Tyana Taylor


Teyana Taylor's recent photoshoot. Do We Love This?

13 Responses:

Her hair is fly is these photos! Do you guys think its real? and how could someone achieve this look. I mos def wanna try it out.

I'm lovin' the hair. And those abs are sick! I gotta put some more work into my workout!

@ Chocolate Orchid...Yes, those abs are ridiculous. I will have to do 1000 a day for mine to look that way. one...two...three...darn.

a rod set is probably best to achieve this style...i like the last two. the hair looks more real than the first two...

You know it's a weave right? But I still think it's the bizness!

I love Teyana period. I believe this is her hair.

That is all her hair. She cut her hair a couple of years back. She had a lil bob goin. That's why there are a lot of pics of her with short hair. It's been two years tho so yeah it's grown back. It's beautiful too. I remember when I was in high school my hair used to be like that. I've had many a stylists cut my hair and then when I went to college there were a lot of girls in the dorms that taked about my hair so I got a relaxer. I am currently growing my relaxer out. You can achieve the top styles by doing a flexi rod set with bigger rollers at the bottem and as you go up the rollers should get smaller. THen the bottom one can be achieved by doing something very easy that my mom used to do to my hair when I was younger. She would work on my hair when it was wet. SHe would have the small ouchless ponytail holders and she would but my hair in plaits all around and then she would roll my hair on the wire rollers and I would let my hair air dry overnight. It looks really nice.

I do love the hair. But I have to say...I hate the way they do her lips! I absolutely hate it! Something about the colour is just so unnatural and wrong. It makes it look like she has a moustache or something. I mean have you ever seen a Black woman wearing colour like hers? She needs something darker, or shinier. Sorry but that just always sticks out for me that her lips don't look as great as they could. She is always wearing some matte beige stuff that does her no good!

Its actually a weave, but hey its beautiful. But if you want to achieve this on your real hair rodsets will do it I think. I'd honestly rather have her abs of steel.

Her hair is cute, but it is a wig, but the lip makeup is soo not flattering.

I also think she's wearing a wig or weave, but it's looks great!

I actually like her lips. Too often black girls with big lips try to down play them...I love big lips! I love seeing black women own their beauty!!!

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