Do We Love This? Rhianna's Rocker Cut

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Rhianna's been spotted all over rocking this blonde streaked rocker cut. Do We Love This?
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I do! Wish I had the gumption to do something like that myself.

I like this style much better than the messy mohawk thing she had going on a few weeks back.


I love it depending on which way you brush it, from the front it almost has the donald trump thing going on.

I've loved just about every hairstyle of Rhianna's over the past yr & a half.

It's looks ok. I'm not impressed by extreme hairstyles switching every week.

I really like it, much better than the wet and wavy she was wearing before.

I agree with Ebony & jcurlee. It's much better than the half-mohawk she had going on.

YES, we do =)

Eh. It's pretty much the same assymetrical do she's been rocking for a while, just with a platinum streak.

Those J Brand Zombie jeans, however, are to DIE for.

like the hair..not the outfits 100%

Hey UC!!
I like the rocker cut on her, its kool :D

Agh...I'm tired of RiRi! Yea she's beautiful and fashion foward and blah! She dun got me plum worn out!

The hair is alright..I like the other curly-hawk better

I like the highlights most. Hate her outfits but I applaud her for having bold courageous style choices. I do agree its better than the curly look she rocked earlier.

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