Electrik Red: Def Jam's Newest Ladies

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You already know I was drawn in by the hair, but I must admit, I like the song. I am still reciting "so good, so good" in my head. Fabness indeed.
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I'm diggin' the hair and the look. They are reminiscent of female groups back in the 80's. I'll have to check the song out later. I'm at work. Lol.

I agree with ChocolateOrchid. They got that modern Vanity6 look n sound going on. I can dig it! The song rocks. I have it stuck in my head as well. LOL.

i heart electrik red. I took notice of So Good about 2 months ago before lil wayne remixed it and i LOVED it. I prefer the original colorful video. They r some bad ladies & yes they do have that throwback girlgroup air about them.

im thinkin about gettin their album. i hear a song called on point by them. it is by far my fav.
check it out if u get the chance ;)

I could do without their song lol, but I love the hair!

A song by a girl group talking about B*itch and ooh, sh!t, d@mn!?!?!


I must be totally out of their target market because I could do without the song and the dancing in heels like they've never walked in them before.

Lets just be real, they are very very very wack and too hollywood in image for me. They look like industry light complexion barbie dolls. The music is not on point either. It's just cold cut R&b hip hop for middle school girls. Sorry, I had to say it!

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